Since ancient times, women and flowers have a close relationship! They will compare beauty with flowers, but also use flowers to care for their skin. This natural and ancient method of beauty has continued for thousands of years and is in the ascendant.


Natural ancient beauty method, flowers care for the skin

This orange-yellow flower is a veritable flower of women, which is called "rejuvenation grass" by ancient Egyptians, and the Indians respect it as a sacred flower. Calendula contains minerals such as phosphorus and vitamin C. It is a petal that concentrates on skin care. The skin care products with it as a main ingredient usually have the functions of whitening, oil control, pore shrinkage and deep skin. It is especially good for sensitive skin. Soothing and calming effect.


Whether it is the rose bath of the Roman lady or the rose Chinese herbal mask of Yang Guifei, the magical effect of the rose has been passed down from ancient times to the present, becoming a favorite of dry, sensitive redness and inflamed skin. Rose essential oil, rose water, and rose petals have been widely used in the beauty industry, and it is called "the queen of flowers".

There are many varieties of roses, and the three most commonly used in the beauty industry are Damascus Rose (also known as Bulgarian Rose, Turkish Rose), Chiba Rose (also known as Perfume Rose, Moroccan Rose) and Wrinkled Rose. The essence extracted from natural roses helps to moisturize, soothe and calm the skin, and regulate the female physiological circulation system to replenish energy.


Natural ancient beauty method, flowers care for the skin

Warm and delicate, white and jasmine is also a common beauty flower in ancient times. It can shrink pores, refresh skin and make skin smooth and delicate. The natural jasmine essential oil extracted from it also has many effects such as moisturizing the skin and resisting aging. When the jasmine flowers are opened, pick up the flowers that are not completely open and immerse them in cold water. After a few days of sealing and dipping, add a little edible alcohol. After washing your face every morning and evening, gently pat it on your face to achieve a cosmetic effect.


The beauty and regenerative effect of camellia is as amazing as its appearance: the white petals are rich in vitamins and a variety of trace minerals, which can help to astringe and invigorate the skin. The extracted camellia seed oil can promote the regeneration of inner cells and nourish sebocytes. It is said that Empress Dowager Cixi has daily skincare with pearls and camellia oil; Ms. Song Meiling uses facial oils containing camellia to make facial massage to maintain delicate skin.

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