现代简约风格 行走在衣柜市场时尚前沿

Modern minimalist style walking in the fashion front of the wardrobe market

The style, positioning, price, craftsmanship, etc. of the wardrobe should be considered, complicated and complicated, and it is a headache. The European style is grand and atmospheric, the modern simplicity is clear and fashionable, the Chinese classical charm is full, pick and choose to pick the eyes, and in the end it may still be a fog. To this end, the author deliberately visited some merchants in the Eurasia store furniture city, and got the following conclusion: European, Chinese classical style furniture audience is small, simple style is highly praised.

Through a few days to understand the customers who buy the wardrobe, the author found that due to differences in occupation, age, gender, etc., each person's requirements for the wardrobe are very different. "What I don't think is popular, the key is to find the style and design that I really like." This is the first answer given by the author who bought the wardrobe. This customer is a university teacher. I am going to get married soon. My fiancé is a civil servant. Both of them have a good income. In the past few days, they have just purchased a large apartment of more than 140 square meters as a new house. The whole decoration style is Imitation European, so the wardrobe must be European. And for the color, flower carving and other aspects are very elegant, and even the material used this lady also chose the coffin, the purpose is to prevent the occurrence of mites.

After that, the author interviewed several customers, but everyone's choices were directed to another direction: simple and practical. In the next few days, there are no more customers who choose other styles. The main reasons are as follows:

1. Price factor: Under the situation of the global financial crisis, the people have tightened the money bag and are unwilling to spend a lot of money. For the working-class families, the price of the European and Chinese classical style wardrobes is relatively high, which makes the big Some people are looking forward to it. Jilin Province is not a high-income area. The high-income family like the first customer is a minority, so the price factor is a factor that cannot be ignored.

2, easy care: Continental, one of the characteristics of Chinese classical furniture is a total pattern, Huadiao drift very bright, gorgeous and deep red color mostly dominated, but this is their problem. The dark color causes the dust on the surface of the wardrobe to be very obvious. Even if it is only a little dust, it can be seen very clearly. Too much embossed pattern also causes a dead angle to occur when wiping. The couple I interviewed said very straightforward: Every day busy with work, counseling children, cooking, how to always wipe those things, do not rub the dirty mentally uncomfortable, simply do not choose.

3, the house is too small: This reason is what the author has not thought of in the past. In today's soaring housing prices, buyers will choose a small apartment below 80 square meters to save money, while the European-style wardrobe is luxurious and beautiful, but the size is too large to restrict the sales bottleneck, no one wants to buy back. A behemoth that occupies one-third of the bedroom area goes back. The objective reason for housing prices has also greatly affected the sales of European wardrobes.

4, the decoration style does not match: As we all know, usually the decoration style of the whole house is unified, so when buying the wardrobe, everyone will choose according to the decoration style of their house, modern people get married and decorate the new house, the style is mostly modern Simple, economical and environmentally friendly. Suddenly adding European or Chinese classical wardrobes in modern style always makes people feel awkward, so it is normal to not buy.

Simple, practical and mainstream

Compared with the niche of European luxury style, modern minimalist style is becoming the new favorite of the wardrobe selection. The fast pace and high pressure of contemporary society make people have more dependence on their homes. Most urbanites will choose to spend more time at home, so the comfort and culture of space has become more and more important. On the other hand, everyone wants to live in a place that is most lazy and convenient. The modern minimalist style wardrobe is in line with the pursuit of modern people. You don't need to take care of it often, you don't need to wipe it every day, the price is cheap, simple and practical, these are great advantages. This is one of the reasons why most customers choose.

A customer said to me in an interview : He thinks that the wardrobe is mainly placed in the bedroom. The main function is to store clothes. Generally, the guests come to the living room to receive the guests. The wardrobe is not for the outsiders. It is not necessary to make too much. Fancy, practical is the first. Compared with the appearance, he is more concerned about whether the slides in the wardrobe are durable, whether there are lock drawers for storing private items, whether there are clothes mirrors, whether the space for storing clothes is wasted, etc. He chose the popular customization now. The overall wardrobe, the overall wardrobe design has more considerations in terms of functions and styles, and also strengthens the handling of the wardrobe details. In terms of hanging clothes, in addition to ordinary clothes rails and hangers, rotary hangers, pull-down hangers, and clothes rails with lighting functions have been designed and developed. Pants and professional pants racks, as well as tie racks, belt racks, etc., are all practical designs that he likes. For him, a simple and practical wardrobe is far more realistic than a sleek but sleek wardrobe.

In addition, when interviewing merchants, we found that some merchants' sales strategies are also biased towards this modern minimalist style. When interviewing Wang, the manager of Zhaoyuan Furniture, they found that they often used a "special offer" method when selling furniture. The method is very simple, that is, several pieces of similar style furniture (such as wardrobe, bed, bedside table, dressing table, etc.) are mixed and sold in a few sets of bedroom, and at the same time, a larger preferential price is given. This is undoubtedly a great temptation for those who plan to decorate new homes, which saves the time required to select the same style of furniture, and saves a lot of money. And this kind of mixed-selling furniture style is nothing more than modern minimalist style, the reason is also very simple: style matching is easy, the price is cheap. Manager Wang finally said to me: "The money spent on buying a European wardrobe is enough for me to buy a set of five-bedroom bedroom with a simple style wardrobe. How do you choose?"

Green, after-sales service is the key

A manager who manages a custom closet said: Although the European-style wardrobe is really beautiful, it is too difficult to customize, and the cost is high and the cycle is long. Especially in terms of environmental protection, in order to highlight its luxury, European-style wardrobes are mainly dark red, the price of redwood is very high, and some customers choose other woods in order to save costs. For this we have to paint the corresponding paint on the outside, although there are now environmentally friendly paints, but the taste is inevitable. The simple style is different. The simplicity does not mean that our materials are simplified. The simple style can use solid wood materials. Some customers just like the wood color of solid wood. As long as the wardrobe is finished, it can be used directly without any painting method. The advantages of environmental protection are great. In terms of after-sales, the simple wardrobe transport, installation, repair and other aspects must go beyond the European wardrobe, and these aspects are now the first consideration for customers before buying the wardrobe, so the sales of European wardrobes are not as good as the modern minimalist style. of.

The modern minimalist style wardrobe emphasizes the function as the center and purpose of the design , and no longer takes the form as the starting point of design, paying attention to the scientificity, practicality and convenience of the design, while taking into account the cost and expenses of the customer, putting the economic problem In the design, these characteristics are consistent with most modern people's living habits, which also determines that the simple, practical style of the wardrobe will be the mainstream style chosen by people in the future.

Disclaimer: This website reprints this article for the purpose of transmitting more information and does not imply endorsement of its views or confirmation of its description.

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