Women, what is most difficult for you to tolerate is the cockroaches on your face? Blackhead , yes, is it, worry about it? Now there are 4 folk DIY methods to go blackheads, go to the blackheads, have you tried? Very effective.

Method 1: Cleaning is also very important

Keywords: rice


If the blackhead on your nose is not very serious, I suggest you don't rush to buy a nose patch, just use a few simple methods to keep your nose clean. Just use the leftover rice granules to form a small group. Gently twitch in the nose. Pay attention to the skin evenly on the nose, especially the parts where the blackheads are concentrated. This will make the dirty things in the pores. Bring it down. You can watch TV "beauty" after eating, easy and convenient.

Method 2: Natural sanding effect

Keywords: salt + milk or brown sugar

Salt milk

Put 4~5 drops of milk into the salt that has just been opened and never used. Start to put it in the nose and gently massage it in the semi-dissolved state. Because the salt is not completely dissolved at this time, there are still particles, massage intensity. Should not be too large, washed with water after half a minute, the time should not last too long. No need to apply other skin care products after cleaning, so that the nose skin can be re-secured to protect the nose and keep the nose fresh and clean. In addition, there is another recipe that is said to have spread from South Korea. After mixing the brown sugar and honey, it is evenly spread on the T-shaped part. The brown sugar has strong granularity. When it feels like a matte, it has a good go. Blackhead effect.

Method 3: nose tip senior courtesy

Keywords: pearl powder

Pearl powder

Take the better quality pearl powder into a small dish, add appropriate amount of water, adjust the pearl powder into a paste, evenly spread on the nose, massage gently on both sides of the nose until you feel the skin Dry the pearl powder and wash it with water. Available twice a week, it is good to remove aging horny and blackheads.

Method 4: Using the eggshell inner membrane

Key words: blackhead, nemesis, egg film

Egg film

1. Carefully tear off the film in the inner shell of the raw egg, taking care to keep the size intact;

2. Immediately apply the film to the nose, smooth it by hand, and take it off when it is dry. This is the blackhead that you will see on the film. This is the most natural blackhead sticker.

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