For many women, what makeup is based on their own preferences, and rarely pay attention to the transformation of makeup in different occasions. Now, I will introduce women's friends to the paintings of different occasions, including natural makeup, neutral makeup, three-dimensional makeup and flat makeup.

Plane makeup

This is a flat makeup designed for the features of the five senses. It does not deliberately emphasize the convexity of the facial features with the depth of the color. At the same time, it does not deliberately repair the volume, shifting all the makeup focus to the color matching and texture rendering, making the makeup effect Meet the design requirements.

Foundation Makeup: Apply a single skin tone foundation, do not make a three-dimensional repair, only use the control foundation to modify the dark circles in the eye, and use a single color of transparent powder to set the makeup.

Lip Makeup: Lip Gloss and Eye Shadow, Blush is a pink color, and the lip balm is directly applied to the lip balm with a pink hue. After the whole lip is painted, the pearly lipstick is used to enhance the texture. The blush is pink, and the round blush is painted in a doll's makeup, showing a natural rosy.

Eye Makeup: Flat eyebrow design, draw eyebrows in brown and black, use a slightly hidden style in the eyebrows, draw the roots of the eyelashes with a drowning eyeliner, and the sky blue eyeshadow with pearly luster. Draw to the end of the eye, do not emphasize the layering, do not show the texture of the eye shadow, in order to avoid the eye is not God, first use the mascara brush, brush out the clear eyelash level, and add false eyelashes in the upper eye of the eyes To enhance the extension of the expression.

Natural makeup

To give you an idea of ​​the difference between natural makeup and neutral makeup, natural makeup, especially in pink, is the color of makeup.

Tips for using the foundation: Use a pink liquid-like transparent foundation to apply makeup and use the same color of transparent powder to set the makeup. The entire makeup is expressed in a transparent texture from the foundation to the color.

Tips for using lip gloss: Use a light pink lipstick with pearl luster on the lips, draw a thick lip, then apply a layer of lip gloss to make the lips transparent and shiny. Finally, use pink blush in the cheekbones. Gently paint in a circular pattern to make the cheeks naturally red.

Eye makeup tips: Use the gray coffee eyebrow powder to draw a natural eyebrow with hair color. The upper eyeliner is drawn at the base of the eyelashes with a fine black eyeliner. The eye shadow part is colored with a pearly luster of light pink and white, and is colored in two steps (the front part is white and the back part is light pink). After the eyelashes are brushed with black mascara, the upper eyeliner of the eyes is glued to the single eye. False eyelashes.

Three-dimensional makeup

The focus of the three-dimensional makeup is to use the color and line design to increase the three-dimensionality of the face. The three-dimensional performance starts from the foundation, from the eyebrow shape, the convexity of the eye, the lip, the repairing capacity, etc., completely like the concept of black and white photography makeup, the makeup color adopts the brown which is the most easy to express the three-dimensional sense, and then assists the texture of the twilight system. To make the design of the entire make-up more prominent.

Foundation Makeup: Starting from the foundation, it emphasizes the performance of three-dimensionality. Apply a foundation with a foundation, a slightly darker color than the skin tone, a lighter complexion on the convex part, and a makeup with a skin tone.

Lip Makeup: Use a popular twilight lip balm. When coloring, the periphery is heavier, gradually gradually fading inward, and then some silvery white lipstick, from the center of the lip to the outer lip, so that the lip is formed in the outer deep and shallow, convex lip shape. At the end of the repair, the dark brown blush is used to reshape the contour of the face, and the blush part is applied with a diagonal brush to reflect the three-dimensional effect.

Eye Makeup: The eyebrows emphasize the angle of the color and the angle of the eyebrows, and use the matching of the dark eyebrow pencil and the eyebrow powder to complete the design. Eyeshadow combined with European-style barb jade layer to express three-dimensional sense: first use the drowning eyeliner to paint a detailed upper eyeliner, use pearl white makeup in double eyelid crease, double eyeliner to eye brown eye shadow combined with barb form With layered color, it highlights the eye shape and convexity, and expresses the eye shadow with brightness in the brow part, and also emphasizes the whole eye shape with the level. Finally, apply natural false eyelashes to the upper eyeliner.

Neutral makeup

The color of the entire make-up color is based on a warm complexion, showing a clean, transparent and natural three-dimensional feel. A good neutral makeup design that expresses personal characteristics, and at the same time, this color does not cause too much color error in the oriental skin color.

Foundation Tips: Use a yellow base foundation cream close to the original skin tone to mix the foundation cream with the essence liquid to produce good ductility and transparency, and set the makeup with the same color of transparent powder.

Lip gloss makeup tips: lip color and eye shadow, use skin color and brown before use, and add a layer of lip oil. Use a brown color repairing cake to slant the makeup in the blush position, and finally apply a thin bright powder on the T-shaped part.

Eye Makeup Tips: Draw a natural eyebrow with a black-gray eyebrow pencil, then use a brow brush to paint brown eye shadow powder. The eye shadow draws a hidden eyeliner at the root of the eyelash with a black drowning eyeliner. The eyeshadow should be light-skinned and light-brown in color, and finally put on natural false eyelashes.

Learning makeup techniques with different makeup is especially important for women in the workplace. I hope the above methods and techniques will help you.  

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