This week, the domestic PTA futures and spot market regained their gains. Affected by this positive effect, the domestic polyester bottle market ended last week with a sluggish trend and the prices rose slightly. As of the press release, domestic PET bottle makers are shipping at the Aquarius level. Prices rose by 200 yuan to 14,000 yuan per ton over the previous week. East China market talked about 100-200 yuan to 14,000 to 14100 yuan per ton. However, according to market transactions, the current high level of the downstream plant is inconsistent with the current high level, small orders for a small amount of goods, while the high operating risk increases, middlemen are also on thin ice, operating conservatively. For the domestic polyester bottle market in March, the analysis is as follows;

1, the cost of the upper reaches of the direct monomer, three months in April upstream Xianglu Petrochemical, Far East Petrochemical, Ningbo Mitsubishi Chemical, Fujian Jialong Petrochemical PTA installations have a maintenance plan, the domestic PTA market has been in short supply can be described as worse. Under the support of US cotton and PTA, the ethylene glycol market recently stood firm at 9900 yuan/ton heel, and continued to move toward the yuan level. The good support from the cost side will remain a major highlight of the domestic PET market in March.

2. Self-supply and demand side As far as the current supply and demand side of polyester bottle tablets is concerned, the price of bottle tablets will not continue to rise for the time being. Downstream factories are inconsistent with the current high prices, and the intention of receiving goods is generally not high; for middlemen, the current high position is not Chang, the situation of low-cost supply business is difficult, the operating enthusiasm is generally not high, mostly based on shipping. However, in the period of 3-5 months, the traditional demand for bottle-chips was in peak season, and the stabilization in the later period gradually recovered. The downstream demand will also gradually pick up, and the corresponding demand for slicing is expected to increase significantly.

On the other hand, the international oil price exceeded 100 US dollars, and the high oil prices increase market participants' concerns about global inflation. Many scholars said that high oil prices will indirectly push up the prices of bulk commodities including coal, leading China to face more difficult cost-driven inflation , and that it is more urgent and difficult to deal with inflation .

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