MM who love to eat desserts should pay attention ! Many women will always find reasons to forgive their fascination with sweets. Maybe you don't care about a little bit of weight gain, but you have to know: eating too much sugar will make you ugly and old! If you are a beautiful woman who can't stop sweets, please put anti-aging on the agenda!

1. Sugar eats collagen!

The excessive intake of fructose points, can not be digested completely metabolized, a portion of the sugar will be attached to the protein layer, the dermis, protein modification, this process is referred to as "saccharification", responsible for maintaining skin elasticity collagen first to suffer.

2. Eat sugar to detonate acne attack!

Experiments show that too much sugar causes insulin release increases, the male sex hormones in the body increase, increased sebum secretion will follow, which is a major underlying factor in adult acne.

3. Eat sugar to hinder the whitening process!

In the process of melanin production, tyrosinase will activate to form melanin when it encounters sugar. The intake of sugar is equal to the increase of “power” for the formation of melanin. Therefore, excessive sweetness and whitening will definitely be hindered.

Dessert beauty skin care formula Anti-glycation + anti-oxidation

1. It’s not just sugar, it’s “saccharification”

A can of cola has a sugar content of about 10 teaspoons, which is enough for one person to get the sugar a day. In fact, the amount of sugar we consume in a day far exceeds the content of a can of cola. Moreover, not only sugar can cause "glycation," high fat, high carbohydrates will have a similar reaction output, increasing the burden on the skin. Therefore, if you have difficulty diverting your dessert, you can at least reduce the intake of other "three high" foods, so that the "glycation reaction" is less and slower.

2. Reversing the age of muscle supplement is very important

Anti-glycation has obviously become a compulsory course for "25+" skin. To reversing the age of the skin, there is no need to "replenish and regenerate". You must add good protein to your skin, such as soy progesterone, vitamin A, and peptides. Saccharification is usually accompanied by oxidation, so antioxidants are equally important for dessert beauty. Learn the health of Dr.brandt, a Hollywood celebrity physician: drink green tea, ingest vitamins C and E, and stick to effective antioxidants every day.

How TIPS eats sugar is the most beautiful

Not only the taste, but also the way food is cooked to maintain the health of the skin. Charcoal grilling, caramel or high-temperature baking can cause more “glycation” of the food. It is best to use raw food, boiled or stewed. The way to handle food. If you have a hard time controlling your desire to eat desserts , then at least check the food label to confirm the sugar content and take less "refined" sugar such as sucrose, syrup or honey .

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