Everyone has a different physique. What does physique have to do with our health and wellness? Have you thought that our physique is determining our preferences? Different body types have certain differences. Doesn't the constitution change? MM should pay attention to it, different physique , to raise beauty , you have to choose the right food!

10 constitutions

The viewpoint of physical health is the view of traditional Chinese medicine, so the constitution is divided into 10 types in the theory of Chinese medicine. Peace and fitness, a healthy body, only 5% of the population. Special physique, that is, allergies, including some hereditary diseases. The other physiques are divided into qi deficiency, yang deficiency, blood deficiency, yin deficiency, dampness, dampness, blood stasis, and qi stagnation. In life, we often have two or more complex constitutions.

The formation of each body mass includes innate and acquired nutrition, while physical health is also to optimize and improve their physical condition and reduce the occurrence of diseases. Eat foods that are suitable for physical fitness, prevent disease and prevent disease.

Different physical diets

Each physique has a different performance on our body, and the impact on our health is not the same. Looking at the specific performance of different physiques, we can conduct self-tests on our physique to guide our diet. Of course, to determine which physique you belong to, you need a professional doctor to judge.

Qi deficiency constitution (more common)

Physical characteristics: white or yellowish complexion, soft muscles. Psychological characteristics: the performance is quiet, the voice is low, and it is easy to sweat. It is easy to catch a cold and be protected from the wind and cold.

Diet conditioning: You can eat more qi food, such as water chestnuts, lychee, grapes, potatoes, yam, squid, squid and so on. It is especially recommended that the tonic is a good yam, and at the same time, it is also a good health food.

Recipes recommended: Shiquan Dabu Chicken (Dangshen 10g, Atractylodes 10g, Angelica 10g, Licorice 5g, Angelica 6g, Chuanxiong 3g, Rehmannia 10g, White Pelican 10g, Astragalus 10g, Cinnamon 2g, Silky Chicken or Lamb 1) 3 pieces of ginger, 2 pieces of jujube), squid and squid soup (squid 1 treaty half a catty, scutellaria 24g, clam shell 9g).

Blood deficiency constitution (the qi deficiency often has blood deficiency)

Physical characteristics: pale, pale lips, dry eyes, numbness of limbs, etc. Personality characteristics: more introverted, timid, not sociable. Onset, it tends to dizziness, headache, palpitations, and insomnia. Adaptability to the external environment: Do not like winter and summer.

Diet conditioning: foods that eat more blood, pig liver, black rice, jujube, peanuts, cherries, coconut, longan, black sesame, pumpkin and so on. Especially recommended for longan, can be blood, and the role of breast enhancement.

Recipe recommendation: Siwutang stewed chicken, multicolored steamed fish.

Yin deficiency constitution (blood deficiency is easy to develop into yin deficiency)

Physical characteristics: The body is slender and long. Psychological characteristics: temperament, extroversion, and liveliness. It is easy to suffer from yin deficiency and hot lesions, and likes winter.

Diet conditioning: Eat more Yin Yin food, such as duck, buckwheat, wheat, turtle, white fungus, black fungus and so on.

Recipes recommended: Yiqi Yangyin pork ribs soup (Astragalus 15g, Chinese yam, Polygonatum 10g, Ophiopogon japonicus 10g, Dendrobium 10g, Ginger 2, small ribs 250g, to moisturize the skin can also add white peony), sesame mixed ears (black Fungus and white fungus).

Yang deficiency constitution (qi deficiency is easy to develop into yang deficiency)

Physical characteristics: the body is white, the face is white, and the muscles are soft. Psychological characteristics: the character is more calm and introverted. It is easy to edema, cold hands and feet, and likes to eat hot things. Like summer.

Diet conditioning: Eat more yang food, such as lamb, cabbage, tomato and so on.

Recipe recommendation: Angelica ginger mutton soup.


Physical characteristics: obesity, abdomen plump and soft. Psychological characteristics: gentle, steady and courteous, kind and patient. It is characterized by yellowish complexion, easy sleepiness, fat body, chest tightness, phlegm and so on. It is also easy to have joint pain, stomach upset, and is prone to high blood pressure, diabetes and other civilized diseases. Not suitable for wet environments.

Diet conditioning: To control weight and improve eating habits. Eat more damp foods such as white lentils, coix seed, shiitake mushrooms, dried tangerine peel, and squid.

Recipe recommendation: white lentil sliced ​​soup, mushroom squid.

Blood stasis

Most of the thin people, the character is easy to be depressed, easy to trouble, impatient and forgetful. Dark skin, black eyes, dysmenorrhea, etc. Easy bleeding, lumps, stroke, coronary heart disease. Not resistant to the cold.

Diet conditioning: Do a good job of warming up. Eat more blood-activating foods such as leeks, bergamot, black fungus, onions, alfalfa, peaches, chestnuts, etc.

Recipe recommendation: squid red bean soup.

Qi stagnation

Most of the thin people, the introverted personality is unstable, the long-term feelings are not smooth, sensitive and fragile. The onset of the disease is depression, insomnia, and the like. Women are prone to breast pain and so on. Adapted to mental stimulation is poor.

Diet conditioning: Eat more qi food, such as bergamot, orange, white radish, lettuce and so on.

Recipe recommended: radish fried beef, scallions and red lettuce.

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