1. Generally, wear-resistant paper with a content of about 20 g/m 2 of aluminum oxide or no wear-resistant paper is used. Low-density boards, (very few use medium-density boards), the wear resistance is usually between 100-3000 rpm. The corners will be worn out for up to one or two years. Such unscrupulous merchants only consider short-term interests, no after-sales service guarantee, and the price ranges from 30-80 yuan.

2. Usually used domestic cheap decorative paper, this decorative paper pattern is blurred, the biggest drawback is that it is generally not resistant to ultraviolet rays, and will fade after sunlight exposure. This is why some consumers reflect the discoloration of the balcony and windows after three or four months of floor installation.

3. The substrate is poor. With medium or low density board or particle board, the quality index is unstable and the formaldehyde is seriously exceeded.

4. The processing accuracy is poor, and often claimed to be: imported large board, domestic slotting.

5. The packaging is rough, the printing quality of the brochure is poor, the content is patchwork, and the slogan sells a set of sets, often stealing the contents of the album of the big company.

Collapsible box

With the further enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, folding cartons are widely used in the packaging of food, cosmetics, apparel and so on.  Collapsible box is characterized by simple structure, high intensity, and low cost. What`s more, in comparison with normal box , collapsible box can be flat packed during shipment, which reduce the volume a lot for warehouse and save the freight cost .Moreover. Folding box has an advantage of easy manufacture, and has very high production efficiency by automatic box - making machine, which can meet the requirements of large quantity production. In addition, folding box owns many characteristics of structural changes, such as opening clear windows, central folding and so on, which enhance the product display appearance. 

collapsible paper box

Collapsible Paper Box

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