In developed countries, the proportion of wood-based panels as partition materials in houses is quite large, such as 41.9% in the United States, 64% in Japan, 12.3% in Germany, and 17.5% in Poland. 95% of the remains are solid clay bricks. The production of solid clay bricks destroys about 5,000 hectares per year and consumes 40 million tons to 50 million tons of standard coal, accounting for about 40% of the energy consumption of building materials. Therefore, from the perspective of protecting cultivated land, saving energy and protecting the ecological environment, the use of oriented strand board as a wall material has a positive significance. Compared to solid clay bricks, the use of oriented strand board as the inner partition has the following advantages:

Lightweight and high strength. The double-sided composite oriented strand board is used as the inner partition wall, and the weight of the wall is only 1/8 to 1/26 of the solid clay brick. Not only can the foundation load of the house be reduced, the basic treatment can be simplified, and the transportation volume is greatly reduced.

heat insulation. The solid clay brick has a thermal conductivity of 0.43 mW/(m·open), while the oriented particleboard has a thermal conductivity of 0.17 mW/(m·open) to 0.30 mW/(m·open), thus thermal insulation Performance is better than solid clay bricks.

Increase the area of ​​use. Oriented particle board is used as the inner partition wall. The wall thickness of the wall is not more than 20 mm, and the thickness of the general brick wall is 200 mm, so the floor area of ​​the house can be increased by about 5%.

Shorten the construction period. Because the oriented strand board is light in weight, large in size, and has the performance of sawing, nailing, drilling and various veneer construction directly on its surface, the installation and construction speed is fast, and the construction period can be significantly shortened.

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