Strengthening the floor consumption "four traps"

Trap one - "fake import"

Some brands use the "100% import" scorpion to publicize it. In fact, only a small part of it is imported, and most of it is produced by domestic materials and technology. In order to prove the "authenticity" of its imports, it can also issue import declarations and certificates of origin, and promises to pay ten. This is a kind of dishonesty in the promotion, consumers can not blindly buy.

Trap II--"wear-resistant revolution"

The merchant made data fraud on the wear-resisting number of the floor, claiming that the wear-resisting number of the floor reached 20,000 rpm. The wear resistance number is in accordance with the national standard, the household floor is ≥ 6000 rpm, and the commercial floor is ≥ 9000 rpm, which is qualified. At the same time, the higher the number of revolutions, the more fragile, the harder the hardness, the smaller the toughness, and the lack of perspective clarity, and many other negative results will follow. Therefore, consumers should not be convinced of propaganda, paying attention to wear resistance and ignoring other indicators and comprehensive performance of the floor.

Trap Three--"Exaggerated Function"

The floor is said to have antibacterial, geothermal glue-free, waterproof, anti-static and other functions, so that consumers such as "fog in the fog", in fact, there is no lack of exaggeration, deceiving consumers. Consumers must polish their eyes and not have to chase some new concepts. Rational consumption is the key.

Trap 4 - "false environmental protection"

Many people have chosen non-toxic, healthy and environmentally friendly as the first choice when purchasing the floor. The country has already listed the environmental protection system as a basic national policy. The environmental protection terminology in the flooring industry, such as E1 and E0, has emerged in an endless stream, and even has the banner of “formaldehyde-free flooring”. In fact, in the production process, in order to ensure the bonding strength and wear resistance of the floor, the metropolis will use more or less formaldehyde-containing adhesives or paints. The key is to ensure that the flooring and its supporting materials are all environmentally friendly to avoid formaldehyde. Cumulative levels pose a health hazard. After the free formaldehyde reaches a certain concentration, it is harmful to the human body. The national standard for free formaldehyde on wooden floors is less than 1.5 mg/L.

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