Now, when you ask any consultant, academic expert, or equipment manufacturer what opportunities exist for digital printing, they will surely put on an imaginative look and tell you: “The color album is very popular now.”

At that time, you may nod your head to agree with their point of view. Then you will call and ask me: "Hey, Johnson, can you explain to me what is a color picture book?"

Forget the shoebox full of photos and the disk full of digital pictures. Professor Frank Romano of the Rochester Institute of Technology predicts that the album market will grow to more than $1 billion in 2010.

Not only printing

First, let's take a look at the business opportunities in the amateur photography market. At my friend Joey's birthday party, we once asked a photographer to take a set of photos for us, but these photos can be seen from an amateur photographer both in terms of theme and image quality. Hand. Of course, the word “amateur” can also be used to describe photographers who perform shooting tasks for weddings and almanacs. In fact, they are technically very professional, but the subject they shoot is not professional.

For example, one of my doctor friends is a fanatical photography enthusiast. His obsession with photography has reached a point where he is so great that he now employs professional models for his photography career. Although he is an amateur photographer, his level of photography is not "amateur."

In all of the examples we mentioned above, those photos are not for sale, but they can bring infinite pleasure to people who are interested. (Welcoming wedding photographers sometimes sell their own printed photos, but this market Is very limited). If amateur photographers want to print out the photos they have taken, they have to think for themselves.

For more than a century, all pictures have been printed by exposure to film. But now, such days are gone forever. Of course, those high-level professional photographers still use film, just as some college photography courses teach. These people are not in our market plan

The color album market covers all pictures of entertainment or commemorative value. These photos, previously required to be printed at one time at color photo studios, camera equipment stores, and street corner pharmacies, can now be digitally printed - using lasers, inkjets, or offset printing.

Digital has entered this market and the photo agency is no longer competitive.

For the child's smile

Here I will show you through an example how potential customers view color books and what they want from suppliers.

I have four children. Each child holds a birthday party every year. The gathering invites their grandparents, uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters and some good friends to attend.

Many of our 44 people, large and small, take photos. The adults used digital cameras and the kids took camera phones. Finally, we selected 200 photos worth keeping.

Previously, we had to put the film in the bag full of streets to find places where we could wash photos. Some people put their hard-earned photographs into their photo albums carefully, while more people throw them into a drawer and wait for them to “find it later”.

Now, as soon as everyone leaves the party, they can send their own photos to their home computers. Some people even send some wonderful photos to my email address that night. In just one day, photos of these parties will be posted on personal or public websites for everyone to enjoy for free.

If people still want to print out their photos and send them to relatives and friends who do not use computers, or to the places they like, they can digitally print photos. In addition, we can also order a color picture book.

If we pick out a total of 200 party photos and fill them out in a template downloaded from the Internet as two pages per page, then we now have a photo album composed of photos carefully selected by different families. . In this way, we can send a very cute digital order to the supplier: “Please help me make this photo album. I’ll bring you more business later: four birthday albums every year, plus Christmas, Memorial album for Thanksgiving Day and Independence Day.” My brothers and sisters will also do it like me. They have a total of 14 children. We always have to spend money on photos, so why not make our work and life easier and make our children look happier? In short, I am willing to spend more money on these precious souvenirs.

Haven't you been ready to buy the love press yet? If a single mother wants to create a beautiful picture book for her precious daughter, but they have no other family members and the number of photos taken is small, then a light device and a template with fewer pages are more suitable. She is.

For a big family with 12 siblings and an average of 5 children per person, there may only be offset presses to meet their printing needs.

Digital technology holds countless possibilities, and the color picture market is constantly evolving and changing. Did you find your own chance?

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