Open-bottom, closed-bottom, general-purpose die-cutting board frame relates to a die-cut board frame used in a die-cutting machine used in the packaging industry. The die-cut board frame includes a frame and an incoming machine positioning block, a bottom plate, and a pressure bar. Each frame of the frame is an integral structure, and the pressing strip and the bottom plate on the inner side of the frame are connected with the frame through a locking bolt and a countersunk head screw. This type of open-bottom and closed-end general-purpose die-cutting board frame integrates the open-bottomed and closed-bottomed frames as a set of devices relative to the prior art, so that the user can determine whether to use the open-bottom frame or closed-bottom frame according to actual needs. The die cutter's template is quick and easy to operate. The cutter plate is stable and not easily deformed. It saves equipment investment and is easy to use. It can quickly install, clamp, and remove the die cutting board, improving work efficiency and reducing labor intensity.

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