Patent Name Packaging Method and Packaging Equipment for Sliced ​​Bread Patent Applicant Co., Ltd. Daisei Machine Principal Applicant Address Saitama Prefecture, Japan Inventor Kawakami Sanji Application (Patent) No. 200510079059.5 Date of Application 2005.06.22 Certification Date Approval Notice No. 1721280 Auditing Announcement Date 2006.01.18 Specification CD-ROM D0603-1 Main classification number B65B35/00 (2006.01) I Classification number B65B35/00 (2006.01) I Division Original application number Priority item 2004.7.5 JP 2004-198173 Abstract The present invention provides a The sliced ​​bread is packaged in a different way, and the packaging method and packaging equipment for the sliced ​​bread are smoothly fed into the packaging device. The composition includes the sliced ​​bread in a state where the sliced ​​bread is supplied in an upright state, is conveyed into the conveyer (1), and the sliced ​​bread is delivered to the first supply path (10) which is received and conveyed vertically every day, or stands every half a kilogram. The second supply path (20) received and conveyed is discharged to the receiving path (50) of the packaging device as it is, through the first supply path (10), and is conveyed through the second supply path (20). The bread is fed into the same packaging device by being transported via a reversal device (40) to a horizontal position of 90 degrees. By switching the supply paths (10) and (20) of the sliced ​​bread thus delivered, the number of slices of the sliced ​​bread can be easily changed, and packaging can be smoothly performed by the same packaging device. Sovereignty Item 1. A method for packaging sliced ​​bread, characterized in that it is possible to count sliced ​​bread supplied in an erect state according to a first plurality of slices and a second slice having a smaller number than the first type of slices. The sliced ​​bread supplied on the reclining state is switched to any kind of sliced ​​bread and fed to a packaging device of the same sliced ​​bread for packaging.

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