With the implementation of tobacco advertising bans, cigarette packets have become an important channel for cigarette manufacturers to communicate with smokers. Cigarette manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the design of cigarette packaging, the selection of health warning patterns, and the protection of cigarette brand intellectual property, all of which have contributed to the increased demand for packaging inks. At the same time, the soaring prices of raw materials (such as crude oil and natural gas) and the shortage of certain key ingredients (such as acrylic acid and pigments) have also led to higher ink prices.

As a result, the ink industry began to reduce the number of companies supplying ink. In 2004, the industry completed two mergers: one was the merger of Flint Ink and XSYS Print Solutions. The other was that Sicpa sold its packaging inks subsidiary to Siegwerk and established a new entity, Siegwerk Ink Packaging.

Source of information: pack.cn

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