This is a very special gift packaging idea for children. It can be a more humane way to build a bridge between the person who delivered the gift and the person who received the gift. Kee-Ka, based in Brooklyn, New York, is dedicated to the promotion and sale of children's clothing. They package children's clothing in a beautiful postal package and send it to consumers at any time so that they can get a surprise. The buyer simply writes the address on it, pastes the stamp, and can then drop it in the mailbox. Stoffel Seals is the main contributor to the success of Kee-Ka. It invented a pasteable flat belt with a little girl and Kee-Ka's trademark "Wearable Greetings." This band can be wrapped around a parcel. The four-color printing of this tape by Stoffel creates a halftone on the uncoated Kraft board, making it more expressive and delicate than simple black-and-white printing. With the adhesive on one end of the tape, the Kee-Ka simply wraps the tape around the box containing the product and sticks the two ends together.

According to James Lowry, business manager of the printing department at Stoffel Seals, “The tape produced by Stoffel Seals is a novel and unique packaging component that can be used to wrap your products and enhance their taste. They are used in a wide range of applications, For the initial product, it can also be used for final packaging.The strong adhesive we use on these tapes will only stick on the tape itself and will not stick to the product.The tape also carries brand and promotion information. It can greatly increase sales and make packaging more cost-effective.” Stoffel also offers pressure-sensitive labels with product patterns, as well as other labels containing the required postage. Kee-Ka's Joy Swanson said: "This has become our most ideal solution."

Source: Packaging Expo

It is used for slitting or rewinding jumbo roll to specified small rolls or specified width. Such as Jumbo Roll Slitting Machine.

Applying film is BOPP, CPP, BOPET, LDPE, HDPE, Rigid PVC, and so on.

Features: High production effeciency, Advanced automatic function, Cheaper foundation cost, High speed and quality, Low vibration and low noise, Trouble free from tirm tearing.

Jumbo Roll Slitting Machine

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