In the past ten years, the production and application of plastic flexible packaging films in China have developed rapidly. However, attention has not been paid to the use of plastic film for food packaging that may pose a threat to human health. Recently, the country has been concerned about the possibility of carcinogenic events caused by PVC cling film. example of. In fact, in China, PVC film is widely used in shrink labels and candy kink packages because of its good heat shrinkage and kink properties. However, due to its poor thermal stability, decomposition products are harmful to the environment and are not easily recycled. With the trend of material substitution, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore have gradually banned PVC products. Recently, Shantou Ocean First Polyester Film Co., Ltd. has successfully developed two environmentally friendly packaging materials, polyester twisted film and polyester shrink film. The product meets the national hygiene standards and has obtained the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and Switzerland. SGS certification. Can replace PVC twisted and shrink film.

Ocean Company's twisted conjunctiva can be used to package candy, snacks (such as beef jerky, chocolate and other granular foods) and gifts, etc., and to adapt to high-speed automatic kink packaging; strong cold resistance, and no toxic odor gas generated during heat sealing; large kink angle , Bounce less, can close to the candy; moisture-proof and fragrant and resistant to grease; transparency, high gloss, good print aluminum, have a better product appearance. When replacing the PVC kinked film, it is not required to increase the kink angle and can solve the problem of crystal point that PVC can not overcome, and meet the requirements of environmentally-friendly and elegant products for export products.

The polyester heat shrinkable film has good printing performance, and the pattern is not deformed after thermal shrinkage. It is mainly used for bundle packaging, sleeve labeling, capping film, and battery labeling. The shrink label is beautifully printed, does not fade, does not fall off, and is free from glue, which effectively improves the product image.

Source: Shantou Ocean First Polyester Film Co., Ltd.

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Mop Holder,Broom Mop Holder,Mop Rack,Wall Broom Holder

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