Composition of pearl printing paste Titanium film Pearl powder can be used alone during printing, or it can be incorporated into paint or dye to become a color pearl printing paste. However, the amount of color paint should be controlled below 1% so as not to affect the flash effect.

Pearlescent printing paste is composed as follows:

Pearl powder 10%~25%
Penetrant 1%

Urea 2%
Bonding paste 25%~x%

If you print color pearl paste, the amount of pearl powder will increase. The amount of pearl powder is 15%~30%, the amount of color coating is 0.2%~1%, the amount of penetrant is 1%, the amount of urea is 2%, and the amount of binder paste is x%.

Drying after printing, and then baked at 150 °C 3min.

Prescription for pearlescent printing paste

Pearl printing generally uses a direct printing process, which can be used alone with pearl powder printing, but also into the color paint, color pearl printing, but the amount of color paint should be controlled at 1% or less, or affect the flash effect. The printing prescription is as follows.

Pearlescent printing paste prescription (%):

Pearl powder 10~25
Penetrant 1
Urea 2
Bonding paste 25~x
Synthesis 100

Pearlescent printing paste requirements for adhesives, thickeners and related auxiliary agents

1. Adhesive should be fully transparent after film formation, light resistance, heat resistance and other properties are better, best dry cleaning resistance (this order is required in foreign orders), at the same time I hope it is good dispersion of pearlescent pigments, I hope it has self-wetting The performance can be achieved by adding 10%~15% pearlescent powder into a smooth mesh on the 80 mesh or so, and it is required to have good fastness and feel after heat curing.

2. Synthetic thickener into a paste and then paste with the adhesive, thickener itself is a polymer material will also form a film, the specific requirements of the same adhesive, the high temperature curing film can not be yellowed, thickened The agent itself cannot have a yellow color. In general, the thick yellowing agent used in the direct printing of the paint is yellow and the kerosene is heavy.

3. The selection of rheological performance modifiers and hand-holding fastness modifiers should also be based on the above two principles in order to maximize the quality of the printing paste.

Application of YL pearl printing paste should pay attention to the problem

1) Pearlescent printing generally encounters fewer problems. Most problems are caused by improper selection of pearl powder models or improper selection of printing screens. Therefore, it is best to use a visual magnifier with a scale (division value of 0.1mm) to meet the sample requirements. Under the standard light source or the natural light of the north window, carefully observe the particle size of the pearl powder, and then check the pearlescent pigment specification sheet. Buy, pulp printing.

(2) Screen printing screens generally use thicker screens for floral or floral prints, preferably 60 to 80 mesh, of which 80 are the main ones, and a few require colorful glittering metallic effects on printed patterns. Available 50 to 60 mesh screen printing, can get good results.

(3) Add pearl powder to the printing paste and mix it for a short time. As long as it is confirmed on the sample that the added pearl powder has been dispersed evenly, it can be printed on the large machine. Do not beat at high speed for a long time, so as not to destroy the crystal structure of the pearlescent pigment and cause the gloss to decrease.

(4) Pearlescent pigments can be used for color matching with other coatings. However, attention should be paid to the coordination of color and the unique charm of pearlescent pigments should be exhibited in the colored paint pattern.

Source: China Dyeing & Finishing Industry Information Center

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