2.3 Text design for packaging design

Like advertising design, packaging design can sometimes be without graphics, but it can't be without text. Text is an indispensable element in conveying packaging design. Many good packaging designs pay great attention to text design, and even completely deal with decoration images with text changes.

The text content of the package mainly has the following aspects:

Basic text: packaging number, product name and name of the producing company. It is generally arranged on the main display surface of the company, and the name of the manufacturer can also be arranged on the side or on the back. The name of the brand is generally standardized to help establish a product image. The name text can be decorated and changed.

Information text: Data words include product composition, capacity, model, specifications, etc. The layout is mostly on the side of the package, on the back, it can also be arranged on the front. Design to use printed fonts.

Caption: Explain product use, usage, maintenance, precautions, etc. The text should be concise and the font should be printed. Generally not arranged on the front of the package.

Ad text: This is a promotional text that promotes the characteristics of the content. The content should be honest, concise, lively, and should not be deceived or misunderstood. However, ad text is not necessary text.

First, packaging font design

The Chinese calligraphy font has a very good expressiveness, reflects different character characteristics, and is a vivid language in the design of packaging and decoration.

The printed fonts are clear and easy to interpret, and their application on packaging is more common. The Chinese characters printed on the packaging are mainly used in the old song, black body, comprehensive art body and round black body. Different prints have different styles, and they have a good effect on different product characteristics.

In the packaging and decorating design, the most varied and decorative fonts are used. The form of the decorative body is various, and its changes mainly include changes in appearance, changes in strokes, structural changes, and changes in the image. For different product content should be an effective choice.

In the packaging design, font selection, generally pay attention to the following points:

The style of a font should reflect the attributes of its content.

Good recognition and readability of fonts, especially the use of calligraphy. In order to avoid the average consumer from reading it, we should adjust and improve it so that it can be accepted by the public without losing its artistic flavor. Note that the font style of the same name and the same content must be the same.

In addition to the words in packaging design, the packaging of exported goods, or the design of packaging texts inside and outside the market, will inevitably involve the use of foreign languages. Among them, pull text involves the most in the packaging. The text is characterized by letters, and twenty-six letters have large and small letters.

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