Samsung's mobile phone box uses micro-corrugated cardboard as raw material, the color uses solemn black, with a well-designed LOGO, looks simple atmosphere, much like a beautifully designed gift box, beautiful and elegant, it is very high-end. Due to the use of low-weight, high-strength base paper, the amount of use is reduced, which greatly saves production costs. And the volume of the product has become particularly small, and it is very conspicuous in similar products. Through the direct printing of micro-stencil offset printing can also be exquisite patterns, and the production of low cost, eliminating the need for processing processes such as tile, speed up the production speed and increase production efficiency.

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Wood Bar Chair is made of solid wood material, which is available with walnut, American white oak, beech wood, ash wood etc, the seat can be upholstered with high quality genuine leather and cashmere woolen fabric, the design of Bar Chair is ergonomic and all the materials are environmentally and healthy to human body, the wood bar chair can be widely use in the counter, coffee bar, wine bar, hotel, wood bar chair has become a new popular chair, because it is natural, which is accord with the trend.

Wood Bar Chair

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