Patent Name Anti-counterfeit Packaging Production Process Patent Applicant Guangxi Zhenlong Color Printing Packing Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address 542700 Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Fuchuan Yao Autonomous County Fuyang Town Minzu Road No. 12 Inventor Chen Pingzhou; Wang Peiyu; Xiao Yong; Huang Jiangwei Application (patent) No. 200510034942.2 Application date 2005.06.03 Certification date Approval announcement number 1725107 Date of validation announcement 2006.01.25 Specification CD-ROM number D0604-1 Main classification number G03F7/00 (2006.01) I Classification number G03F7/00 (2006.01) I; G03F7/16 ( 2006.01)I;G03F7/20(2006.01)I;G03F7/032(2006.01)I Division Original Application No. Priority Item Abstract A production process for anti-counterfeiting packaging, which includes a production working version, soft press, vacuum aluminizing, Composite, slitting, and printed articles, characterized in that the step of making a working sheet includes making a screen printing plate, printing a copy base film, and electroplating a base film and copying a working plate. The anti-counterfeit packaging of the invention not only has the characteristics that the general laser film is generally the entire plane, but also can increase the anti-counterfeiting function on the basis of the laser film. In the ordinary (PET, BOPP) film, there is not only the effect of laser, but also the anti-counterfeiting chart. The anti-counterfeiting effect was obtained without increasing the cost. Anti-counterfeiting maps can be located anywhere in the package, and are free to size, and special laser films can be made according to each different product to avoid the generalization of laser films, making it difficult for counterfeiters to forge special laser paper, and the manufacturing process Due to the complexity and complexity of production, it is often difficult for small businesses to deploy so many processes to complete the mastering of paper. Sovereignty item 1, a production process of anti-counterfeit packaging, including the steps of making a working version, soft pressing, vacuum aluminizing, compounding, slitting, and printed products, characterized in that the steps of making the working version include making screen printing. Edition, printing copy base film and electroplating base film and copy the working version.

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