Third, the data of color management in party newspaper printing

The core of color management is data, and data exists throughout the entire printing process, such as: original scanning parameters, image processing information, group marking, film quality, liquid concentration, temperature control, test results, printing settings, etc. These data affect printing results everywhere. How to better control and use them requires us to closely link each step, make a good record of each step, collect, and then sort out, analyze, test, track, and eventually reach stability. Strive to ensure quality, speed, create benefits, make the color in the printing process can be controlled and quantifiable.

In addition, in the process management, we must always do a good job in management records, including the time, operating conditions, and equipment status of each link. We should make good monitoring and timely handling of emergencies, and establish a digital workflow through computers. And its network integrates the various processes and links in publishing production, and builds a digital integrated publishing system that includes all digital jobs including prepress, printing, postpress, and process control and management. The digital process table is used instead of the traditional one to carry out the production process. Information transmission, control and management, digital proofing, direct plate making, digital printing replace traditional production operations, maximize product quality, reduce process links, reduce time redundancy, and ensure product quality is efficient, stable, perfect and consistent.

Fourth, the conclusion

Color management is a very detailed and esoteric work. It must find effective management modes and experience values ​​in trivial details. This is a gradual process of exploration and accumulation. In order to truly reproduce the colors, party newspapers must work hard on color management, and each newspaper should communicate with each other to discuss each other and jointly establish a standardized and data-based system. The leaders of newspapers and printing companies should attach great importance to the management of newspaper products and printing quality, implement them effectively and effectively, gradually realize digital quality control in the production process, improve process inspection methods, improve the technical quality of personnel, and strive to improve the printing quality of party newspapers. Make the party newspaper vivid and colorful.

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