The ZXJD440A medium-speed plain binding glue line must stack different books in the production process, first make a sample book on the quality management, and after signing the quality inspection personnel, carry out production according to the sample. There are two aspects of quality control: one is the dataization and standardization of each process; the other is the management of process design and work flow. The former requires that all processes implement standardized operations, and the latter is the operational requirements for the formulation of work processes and processes.

In the production practice, 80% of quality accidents are caused by the lack of responsibility of the operators, and 20% are due to process reasons and materials. To make 80% of the accidents disappear in the bud, we must understand the technical requirements.

1. Faults in glue book production 1) The book height in the endorsement clip and the signature of the book in the round end are too low, and the sign stick out should be controlled at 11-12mm. The position of the solid board should be improved; the slotting knife is too high. The position of the slotted cutterhead should be reduced. The depth of the signature groove is controlled within 1.0mm.

2) The temperature of the oblique backing glue is too high. When the book is dropped, the back of the book is not solidified and falls, and the glue temperature is adjusted according to the paper and seasonal changes. Generally, the temperature is controlled at 160-180C. The speed of the glue is too fast and the glue with short curing time should be used. And reduce the speed; book clip opening is too large, transferred to the signature thickness of 15mm, while narrowing the book aisle, blocking bar.

3) The book's opening and notches should not be rectangular. The parallelism and verticality of the tray and the holder should be adjusted so that the back of the book is the same.

4) The front cover has bad glue on the top roller, sticks to the cover of the book, and the bottom plate of the molding mechanism is viscous. The clamping plates on both sides are glued and sealed, and the seal is four. Therefore, the excess glue is often removed and methyl silicone oil is used for prevention. Wild glue; glue rubber round glue is too long, produce wild glue, should be fine-tuning glue time, try not to produce wild glue and moderately reduce the glue temperature.

5) The book position in the book cover fold or misalignment book clip is too high, the position of the solid plate should be increased; the height of the knife should be reduced to reduce the position of the cutter head; the glue temperature should be too low to increase the glue temperature; the glue stick should be glued , should adjust the rubber squeegee scraper plate gap to zero, and check the heat pipe inside the glue stick working conditions; binding speed is too fast, speed should be reduced and extended drying time before cutting.

6) The offending book is too high or the book position in the book clamp is too low, the position of the solid board should be reduced; the slotting knife is too low and the position of the cutter head should be increased; the clamping force on the side of the bracket is too large , The amount of side clamp plate should be adjusted outwardly.

7) Air bubble or honeycomb film The high book position in the book clamp and the too high density of the tray should improve the position of the tray; the temperature of the back glue is too low or the temperature of the glue stick is too low. After the measurement, the temperature is increased.

8) The position of the tray should be reduced if the book position is low in the bookback or over-squeeze book clip; the pressure of the top seal roller is too large to ensure that the distance between the top roller and the bottom surface of the bookholder is 9mm, and the glue is excessively glued. The clearance between the rubber wheel and the scraper is adjusted to 0.2-0.5mm; the rubber wheel is too high and the pressure is too high, so that the rubber wheel is in contact with the back of the book, and the back of the book can be opened, so that the glue penetrates into the booklet in small amounts.

9) The book is opened or flanged in the front of the book. The edge of the milling and backing tool is passivated. The sharpness of the cutting edge should be sharpened and the viscose should be removed. It is best not to use this machine for the return book processing. The adjustment of the milling backing support disk should be done properly.

10) Insufficient depth of back-smear milling and backing; improper depth of grooves and improper groove pitch, so that the depth is about 7.0mm, and the spacing is between 5-10mm; the temperature of hot melt adhesive is too low, and it lacks fluidity and permeability. Bonding is not strong, should improve the glue temperature according to the paper; improper selection of hot melt glue, should choose the hot melt glue equivalent to the paper weight specification, to preserve the high value of coated paper, avoid the use of hot melt glue binding process, Use the method of squeezing the thread after the first line lock to prevent it from spreading.

11) The uneven book in the middle part of the back of the book has a large drop when it falls, and a groove is made in the small board. When the glue temperature is too high, the book is not evenly thick and thin when it is glued; the groove is not clean, the paper hair is not removed, and the back The glue cannot be flat; the milling and backing knife is not sharp, the angle of the cutting edge is not correct, or the gap between the cutting edge and the plate is too large, which causes the milling back to be not smooth and is not even after gluing; the position of the solid plate is too low.

13) The width of the book does not align with the knife support plate and the book clip alignment; the upper seal roller is too high, the pressure on the back of the book is too large; glue on the rubber wheel is too high, so that the glue infiltrated between the pages; loose unbound book blocks, etc. ; milling back is not smooth, rough.

14) The spacing between the wedge-shaped squeegee and the bottom surface of the book holder is too small, and the position of the sizing wheel should be reduced.

15) The position of the non-uniform film side glue and the bottom glue device is not adjusted well; the gap between the glue wheel and the scraper plate, the glue stick and the scraper plate is improperly adjusted, and the glue stick and the book block should be readjusted; Distance is not allowed, the glue stick is not heated well, and the glue stick is not parallel to the back of the book.

16) Wedge film The glue stick is not parallel to the bottom surface of the book holder. The tray is not parallel to the bottom plane of the book holder and should be readjusted.

17) The adhesive layer has voids. The glue in the adhesive device is too small and the amount of glue should be guaranteed. When the glue temperature is too low, the glue temperature should be controlled.

18) The book cover cover positioning offset book cover conveyor guide chain is not aligned, should make each pair of pull block parallel and perpendicular to the side gauge; the upper seal roller is slightly lower, the cover and the back of the book do not match, back after the cover to reset the cover .

19) The cover is not bonded fast enough, the glue has a long opening time, and the hot melt adhesive matching the machine speed should be used; a small amount of the cover off the defective book is not cleared; the back of the book is empty, and the real-time organization is improperly adjusted. The pressure is too small and should be increased; the adhesive layer is too thin and the bonding is not strong. The adhesive and the side adhesive layer should be thickened.

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