1 Viscosity reducer: Its purpose is to reduce the viscosity of the ink, improve the ink's fluidity and stringiness. Appropriate addition and removal of the binder can improve the ink printing operation and make the image reproducibility good, but if excessive, it will make Poor ink uniformity deteriorates reproduction performance.

2 thinner: Its role is mainly two points, one is to reduce the viscosity of the ink; the second is to make the ink thinning, thereby increasing the dynamic performance. In the printing process, often due to the viscosity of the ink is too large or because of the inferior quality of the paper, it will cause problems such as pulling the paper, falling plate, etc., affecting the normal printing, in which case, in addition to using a viscosity reducing agent to reduce the ink Viscous, sometimes need to add a small amount of thinner to reduce the ink consistency, thin and sticky ink, or use a viscosity reducing agent is better.
3 thickener: can increase the consistency of the ink system, thickener can reduce the sedimentation of solid particles in the ink to avoid the deposition of dilute ink caking, but also can change the rheology of the ink, improve printability.

Drier: also known as desiccant or dry oil, dry oil, etc., is a very important class of additives. For oxidative polymerization inks, the addition of a desiccant accelerates the conjunctival process of substances with unsaturated double bonds. Most of these desiccants are metal oxides, and the drying performance is related to the type of metal.

5 anti-drying agent: also known as antioxidants or anti-oxidants. When the ink formulation uses some pigments with strong drying performance, it will cause conjunctiva phenomenon during rolling, which makes it difficult to thin the ink. When the ink is stored, the surface of the ink is oxidized in contact with the air and crusts. Sometimes it even becomes dry and cannot be used. The tendency of the crust to dry on the printing press also occurs, so inhibitory fillers or materials that reduce drying, such as petrolatum, wax, etc., can be suitably added to the ink. However, sometimes these methods cannot completely overcome these problems. In this case, appropriate anti-drying agents can be added to delay the oxidative polymerization of dry oils.

6 Plasticizer: It is an auxiliary agent that makes the ink soft and has good effect on the volatile drying ink. However, excessive addition may cause the resin to soften and cause the substrate to adhere. Plasticizers have no effect on reactive inks. The choice of plasticizer should pay attention to the compatibility and durability of the ink system, which in turn is related to its properties such as volatility, migration resistance, light resistance, heat resistance, and cold resistance.

7 Anti-dirty agent: It refers to the additive that prevents the ink on the printed product from smudging and sticking to the back of another printed product. It also prevents piles of prints from sticking together.

8 anti-gelatinizer: due to too thick or due to the degree of polymerization of the binder is too high, can be added to the appropriate dilution, soluble substances (aliphatic hydrocarbons, esters, ketones, etc.) to overcome, can make colloidal ink The substances that restore rheological properties can be generally referred to as anti-gelatinizers. The amount of anti-gelatinizer is not more than 5%, and it is best to promptly use the gel ink after adding anti-gelling agent to remove the glue. Otherwise, it is still possible to return glue.
9 Antifoaming agents: Silicone-based and non-silicone-based. The former has a wide range of applications. Although silicon-based antifoaming agents have good effects, excessive use can result in poor adhesion of the ink.

10 Dispersing agent: It is the auxiliary agent that promotes the dispersion of the pigment in the binder. The pigment is dispersed well. It will increase the concentration and sharpness of the ink, make the uniformity even better, and reduce the occurrence of spots.

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