A kind of water-based printing ink for plastic film gravure printing - WE type plastic film gravure water-based ink, has been successfully developed by Beijing Incofan Chemical Products Co., Ltd. This product makes up for the insufficiency of similar domestic products in terms of printability, etc., enabling domestic plastic film gravure printing fields to have products that can fully meet the required standards. At present, the product has been mass-produced and put on the market. It is estimated that the sales volume in 2006 will reach 1000-5000 tons. The WE-type plastic film gravure water-based ink printing effect and performance, can reach the level of similar products with aromatics as the main solvent, adhesion fastness, drying speed, color concentration and gloss and other properties have reached the international advanced level of similar products. After surface treatment, the product will have good printing performance and fastness on BOPP, PE and other plastic films with surface tension up to 3.6×10-2N/m and 4.2×10-2N/m. BOPP film printing for color printing and packaging plants , Printing speed up to 70 meters / minute, scraping 24 hours, rubbing fastness to 100% without peeling, peeling fastness to 100% without falling off, ink film in 1:1 water alcohol solution or 1% NaOH alkaline Soaking in solution for more than 2 hours can still remain intact.

Source of information: pack.cn

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