Patent Name Reusable Multifunctional Humanized Package Patent Li Dali, Principal Applicant Address 518000, Guangdong Province, Futian District, Shenzhen, Baguaol Bagua 4th Road, Xianke Electromechanical Corporation, Inventor Li Dali, Application (Patent) No. 200420094348.3 Application Date 2004.10. 22 Approved Announcement No. 2750997 Approved Announcement Date 2006.01.11 Instruction CD-ROM D0602-2 Main Classification No. B65D81/36 (2006.01) I Classification No. B65D81/36(2006.01) I Abstract This utility model relates to a packaging box, and specifically relates to a set clock function, A set of reusable multifunctional multifunctional humanized packaging box with several groups of timed voice prompting functions combined with decoration and interest is characterized in that it includes a box body 1 and its connected timing voice prompting device, and the timing voice The prompting device includes a control chip 21 and its connected buzzer chip 22 and clock display screen 23 . The utility model can hold Other articles, and has a clock function, a plurality of groups of regular voice prompting functions, and can also be used as a music box or an ornament, and integrates the decoration and the fun. Sovereignty item 1, a reusable multifunctional multifunctional humanized packing box, characterized by comprising a box body (1) and a timed voice prompting device connected thereto, and the timing voice prompting device comprises a control chip (21) and Its connected buzzer (22) and clock display (23).

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