Which mountain bike riding shorts is the best in the market? We tested 8 products from top 8 brands of mountain biking shorts and found several key points that you should consider before buying cycling shorts.

First of all, we have to think about what constitutes mountain bike riding shorts. (Comparison with road bike riding shorts or sports shorts) We define mountain bike riding shorts as a kind of non-slim, loose shorts that provide more protective performance and functionality than tight-fitting Leica road bike shorts. The difference with other sports shorts is that the shorts have a chamois sewn to the inner lining of the bottom of the shorts.

Dakine's Boundary shorts provided the protection needed for downhill, but the trouser legs were a bit small and it was difficult to work with thick knee pads.

Photo credit: Karl Anderson

Classification of mountain biking

When buying a new mountain bike riding shorts, you first need to consider what type of riding activity is your most frequent? The "mountain bike ride" is a broad concept that includes a super-jumping descent from a cross-country race wearing a Leica tights to wearing full-body protective gear in a Red Bull downhill race. Most riders have a clear idea of ​​what kind of riding they are suitable for, which also affects their choice of cycling. The following is a brief description of how we tested the shorts to fit a variety of rides.

Cross-Country (XC)

Luke Lydiard wore the Canyon Izumi Canyon shorts for off-road riding. Off-road riding is best to wear lighter shorts, such as Canyon, which gives you the best range of activity on your seat cushion.

Photo credit: McKenzie Long

Off-road riding usually rides on some gentler paths, usually sitting on a seat cushion. Bicycles designed for this type of riding generally have a back and forth suspension stroke, or less than 4 inches (10 cm). Off-road mountain bikes are generally 29 inches in diameter and hard tail. Off-road riders want lighter, less restrictive shorts, making pedaling the most efficient and best-ventilated. In this kind of cycling, protection and durability are not very important. Of the shorts we tested, the Canyon Izumi's Canyon and Sugoi's RSX were the best for this ride. If you are an expert in cross-country racing, you may consider wearing Lycra shorts for road races because the shorts are not loose enough to interfere with your movements, and the tight design is also most aerodynamic. Refer to our road bike shorts evaluation report. On the contrary, if you participate in a road race but don't like standard tights, you can choose a lighter off-road shorts.

Endurance Riding (Enduro)

Endurance cycling is a popular word in this mountain bike riding world (note: Enduro was originally referring to the motocross endurance race). However, there are many differences in how to define endurance riding on a mountain bike. It includes riding on a technical terrain. The place where the endurance race is held is sometimes the place where the original cross-country race was held, so it is best to call it an "all-around" mountain bike ride. A 5- to 6-inch (13-15 cm) suspension and a fully-suspended mountain bike are suitable for this type of ride. Most people simply call this ride a "mountain ride", typically using a 27.5-inch or 650b tire, between 26 inches and 29 inches of a standard mountain bike. Regardless of the wheel size of the car you are buying (Note: 27.5 inches), when you buy cycling shorts for this ride, you have to balance protection, pedaling, all-terrain features, etc. Recommended Zoic Ether, Dakine boundary or our favorite, Troy Lee ruckus, these can work with knee pads, whether you are only on the downhill or always with. (Note: Didn't you wear a knee pad when you set off? Can you still ride when you're half riding?)


Luke Lydiard wore a Dakine boundary for a small jump. For the type of quick drop, consider a shorts with more protection and can work well with knee pads.

Photo credit: Karl Anderson

The core of downhill is the descent. It is best to use a double-linked front fork mountain bike with 8 inches (20 centimeters) of travel. Even if you are a well-trained riding machine, often riding a ski run up a ski run or performing a Northshore-style trick show, downhill riding requires more protection. It is best to wear full-coverage helmets, goggles, neck support, elbow pads and knee pads.

Cycling shorts that are suitable for quick descent should be long, with larger trousers that can cover the upper end of the knee pad. Durability is very important because it is a common case of this kind of movement when it crashes into rough terrain. Among the shorts we tested, the Troy Lee Ruckus was the most suitable for this type of cycling. It has a long lower gear and large trouser legs. It can be used with knee pads. It can use stretchable fabrics. It is very durable and provides good results. Protective. Riding in a full-blown bike park for a descent, you leave the cushion more time than you sit on it, so you may need a heavy, unpadded downhill cycling short. Although we didn't test this type of cycling shorts, we think Troy Lee Moto and Dakine Descent shorts are ideal for pure-riding cycling.

Pads (Chamois)

All of the cycling shorts we tested had a cushion that was cushioned between the seat cushion and the cyclist's crotch to improve comfort and reduce friction.

Photo credit: Luke Lydiard

The chamois is a mat placed in the area where your body touches the cushion. Bicycle liners were previously made of soft leather, but modern composite materials are used today. Gent pads between your crotch and seat cushion reduce friction. The liner is the logo for cycling shorts. One exception is downhill riding shorts, because the buttocks are basically not cushioned when riding downhill. These cycling shorts have no padding and are designed for special types of cycling.

Formula FX pads for Sugoi RSX shorts are made of thick foam and covered with a synthetic fabric.

Photo credit: Luke Lydiard

All of the cycling shorts we tested, including some cycling shorts as panties, had padding. All pads are made of foam, except for Canari Cyclewear canyon II shorts, which are made of microcapsule-sealed silicone. Our judgment of whether the liner is good or bad is first of all to match the shape of the body sitting on the seat cushion. We recommend using a dense liner with multiple thickness areas and a smooth, seamless jacket made of absorbent synthetic material. When sitting on a seat cushion, the cushion should be properly between the body and the seat cushion. Mountain bike riders usually ride in a more vertical position than road bike rides, so the rider and the seat cushion are in contact with the back of the hips. An excellent mountain bike shorts padding should be sewn to the back of the shorts. position.


Mountain bike shorts often have many features. Here, we suggest that you first consider what types of cycling activities you regularly perform, and what functions are required for this type of cycling. We recommend that you buy shorts that have only the features you need. The bells and whistles are often inconvenient and increase the price of shorts.

For off-road riders and endurance riders, they often carry a bag of water and no pockets are needed on the shorts. However, most of the downhill riders riding in the bike park don't carry the bag. They want to have a few zippered pockets on the shorts so they can bring a set of bicycle tools or they can use it to record Strava. Analyze your riding data website, use smart phone software or GPS to record data while riding, and then upload the data to the website to analyze the device. If you do not consider your type of riding, we recommend that the shorts pocket be sealed with a zipper instead of a Velcro or no seal. We don't recommend that you put anything of value other than gu energy sticks in an unsealed pocket, because when you scream in a mountainous area while riding on a rocky terrain, things in your pocket will often be silent. Fall out.

Peral Izumi Canyon shorts use a Velcro that touches the elastic on the back of the waistband to adjust the elasticity of the waist. The proper elasticity of the waist can make the shorts not suddenly strung on the brake or suddenly fall.

Photo credit: Luke Lydiard

All cycling shorts we tested had a waist adjustment structure to allow you to adjust the waist elasticity. This is important for keeping your shorts in a good position when you are driving. Normally seen, it is also our recommended method to adjust with a Velcro tape attached to the elastic band in the belt. If the Velcro is on the outside of the belt, adjust it when you ride and it will be ridiculously stuck to your clothes. If the Velcro is concealed inside the belt, they are not easy to stick to the wrong place and have a fashionable appearance, but they cannot be adjusted without unlocking the button of the shorts. We tested the shorts with other adjustment structures, from simple nylon belts to complex and expensive BOA turntables. After testing and comparison, we recommend a simple and reliable Velcro elastic adjustment structure and recommend using this structure of riding shorts.


It is also very important to buy pants of the right size. All of the shorts we tested, except the Sugoi RSX shorts were large, all other medium, or waist circumference 32 inches (81 cm). Sizes of Fox Ranger, Zoic Ether, Canari Canyon Gel, Sugoi RSX and Troy Lee Ruckus are suitable. Pearl Izumi Canyon and Dakine boundary are slightly smaller. We recommend that you choose slightly larger shorts if you like to dress loose or if your size is just above the top of the size chart. The size of Endura Hummvee is very small. I suggest you buy the bigger size shorts. The shorts we tested were not oversized.

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