[ Chinese wardrobe net ] [Chinese wardrobe net ] The whole wardrobe is the more common furniture in our life. Many people find that the accessories are not enough when installing the whole wardrobe , but they don't know what the overall wardrobe materials are. Today, China Wardrobe Network will introduce you to this knowledge and hope to help you.

1. Frame material: At present, the frame materials of all the whole wardrobes on the market mainly include aluminum alloy, aluminum-titanium alloy, magnesium-titanium alloy and high-quality color steel. Generally, magnesium-titanium alloy and aluminum-titanium alloy have high strength and durability. The solid quality ensures that the door is up to 2.8 meters without deformation and smooth sliding. The carbon steel frame is light in weight and the appearance is treated by spray coating. It takes a long time to remove paint or oxidize and rust.

2. Pulley: The pulley of the closet is divided into the upper wheel and the lower wheel. The upper wheel is the guard wheel, which is used to make the door slide smoothly when pushed in parallel. The lower wheel is divided into hidden wheels, which are made of pure nylon to carry the weight. The semi-circular progressive rolling is the center of gravity through the wheels, so the horizontal line is pushed and pulled. The bearing capacity can reach 200 kg, the wear resistance is high, and the push-pull life can reach more than 300,000 times.

3. Rotary clothes hanging: It realizes heavy-duty storage of a large amount of clothes, the hanging clothes is three times that of the traditional closet, and each piece is kept flat and not wrinkled, the whole cabinet can be rotated by hand, even if it is hung in the innermost The clothes can also be presented immediately.

4. Trousers rack: The stacked pants will have creases, while the trousers racks will leave the creases free of creases and require no less than 600mm of hanging space. Therefore, the trousers racks will usually be placed under the drawers. Can save space.

Overall wardrobe layout

5. Pulling the board: The stacked woolen clothing codes can be very troublesome to find together. If the drawing board is used, the stacked clothes can be well organized, but it also has the disadvantage of less storage space, so customers should choose carefully. .

The traditional chest of drawers is made of wood, and the latest chest of drawers is glass-faced for easier access to clothing. But if the customer is lazy, don't try this glass, which undoubtedly exposes its shortcomings.

6. Clothes rail: The material is made of aluminum alloy material, which has strong hardness and large bearing capacity. The surface is anodized, which is resistant to abrasion and cut. The circular surface adds several craft lines that not only have a decorative effect but also have an anti-slip effect.

7. Guide rail: The drawer adopts heavy three-section rail or three-section slide rail. The push-pull is smooth and silent, and the bearing capacity is large. It can repeatedly push and pull more than 100,000. The pull plate is used to put small items such as towels, and the ordinary bottom rail is used.

8. Pull basket: It adopts cold-rolled steel and surface plating, and the effect is shiny and smooth. There is no condensation, bumps, no yellowing on the surface, no delamination, no rust, and long shelf life.

9. Layer buckle: The embedded laminate buckle prevents the laminate from slipping off accidentally.

10. Pants rack: used to fold the pants, so that the pants are quite wrinkle-free.

11. Plaid rack: used to place small living items such as towels, scarves and hats.

12. Layer: used for placing accessories, cosmetics and other daily necessities.

The information about the whole wardrobe material accessories is here, I hope to bring you convenience.

Purple Sand Flowerpot

Like the purple sand pot, the purple sand pot is made of a kind of high-quality pottery clay that is a specialty of Yixing (hidden deep under the rock and mixed in the mud, so it is called "rock in the rock" or "mud in mud". The texture is delicate and flexible. Strong plasticity), after being selected, refined and refined, it is fired at a high temperature of 1000-1250 degrees. It has no glaze on the inside and outside, and has fine texture, toughness, good physical properties, and drainage and air permeability are very suitable for the growth of trees and flowers. Its color is ancient and quiet, its shape is generous and diverse and complements the potted flowers and trees. It is simple, rich and rich in ethnic characteristics. In addition, it is meticulous and exquisite. It can be said that it has both artistic value and practical value, which is unmatched by other types of pots.
The beauty of the purple sand flowerpot lies in its unique decorative means. Skilled craftsmen of the past dynasties, through their own exquisite skills, integrated the pot color, shape, style recognition, inscription, calligraphy and sculpture, etc., so that the purple sand flowerpots can be beautiful in the simplicity and give people a visual enjoyment.
The colors of the purple sand flowerpots are colorful. Among them, the three colors of vermilion, purple and beige are the main colors; during the firing process, as the temperature after entering the kiln is different, the depth and intensity of the color changes more and more; coupled with the accumulation of long-term practical experience of the artists, they use different proportions of mud With the preparation of materials, there are dozens of colors after firing. For example, the colors are named iron blue, sky blue, maroon, begonia red, cinnabar purple, water green, agarwood, sunflower yellow, cold golden color, pear skin, blue gray, dark green, patina, brown black, durian skin and other colors. If you observe carefully, there is a little bit of white sand in the mud, with silver light flashing, and some of the mud is mixed with coarse mud sand or steel sand, and the particles are looming and extremely eye-catching. Although the color changes in the purple sand are many, the tones are very calm. If you plant ancient piles of pine and cypress, it will be more simple and simple.
The shapes of the purple sand flowerpots range from very deep thousand-tube basins to very shallow basins, from round basins with a diameter of about one meter to finger-sized miniature basins. There are all kinds of specifications, various forms of basin mouth, basin surface, basin hole The changes in the feet of the basin are even more varied, which is even better than the shape of the purple clay pot. It can be described as a masterpiece of the shape of the vessel.

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