Why does Amazon China favor online sales of outdoor sports products? Date:2016-03-11 12:35

A few days ago, Amazon China announced that it had officially launched an outdoor sports shop and gathered 540,000 products in 8 sports categories. Niu Yinghua, vice president of Amazon China, said that the outdoor sports category has always been one of the top ten popular categories popular with Chinese consumers. So what are the reasons for Amazon to make a big push into sports outdoor sales?

In fact, Jeff, vice president of costumes in the Amazon Fashion Department, said in a meeting in October 2015 that when Amazon saw the (empty sales of e-commerce) blank space, when certain brands did not want to When selling on Amazon.com, consumers still want to buy a variety of clothing on Amazon.com.

Baird, an American investment company analyst, pointed out that by the 2015 Christmas holiday season, the category of apparel line goods in the Amazon.com website increased by 91% year-on-year to 30 million. This is equivalent to the sum of the merchandise types (not only apparel items) sold by 250 Wal-Mart stores, but also more than the electronic products on the Amazon platform.

According to the survey company eMarketer, the sales growth of e-commerce apparel in the United States will reach 13.6% in 2016, increasing from US$60 billion in 2015 to US$68.2 billion.

Unlike other categories, clothing category stores seem to have a clear advantage: customers can try on before paying. And now, this is no longer a problem. Amazon said that more than 40 million U.S. consumers bought clothes, shoes, and accessories from Amazon.com. With a large-scale logistics network, Amazon has made the distribution and return procedures seamless. People can try fitting clothes at home. Call the courier to take it away.

Mo Yanqing, a senior analyst at the China Electronic Commerce Research Center, believes that e-commerce has evolved into a contest for the entire industry chain. Future competitions will focus on the entire industry chain, such as production, procurement, sales, promotion, distribution, logistics, and after-sales services. In terms of comprehensive capabilities of the link, this is a key factor in determining whether e-commerce can compete with physical stores. The general trend of e-commerce and traditional retailing is integration, and e-commerce without traditional retailing has no future. Both will cooperate with each other in the future and give full play to their respective advantages, thus stimulating further economic development.

Curved Plate

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Removable, clear lenses on top and bottom portions of this sign. Main sign portion includes second-surface black vinyl text or graphics (vinyl is placed on the bottom side of clear lenses to avoid tampering or vandalism).

What's ideal about these sign frames is the ability to order new lenses - for room number or employee updates and changes - no need to order an entirely new sign frame. The clear, non-glare lenses are easily removed and replaced with the aid of a suction cup.

The curved sign frame on this page features a curve from left to right. Dimensions to consider when ordering are the actual frame dimensions, as well as the clear lens sizes. Signs feature a 2" Header area that can also serve as a footer by turning and mounting sign frame 180 degrees.

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