When you buy a set of solid wood furniture at home, you naturally hope that your beloved things will always be youthful, especially the solid wood furniture that you want to preserve. It is even more precious - to appreciate! But often it is not as good as people, because family members The negligence often causes damage to the furniture. What should I do? Xiaobian specially contributes a set of effective treatment plans for your beloved solid wood furniture: Ouyifeng solid wood furniture http://oyf.cnjiaju.com/share

About beauty: First of all, from the "face" of the furniture, in the daily life, because the care often gets the dirt onto the surface of the solid wood furniture, then what we have to do is to decontaminate the furniture.
Tools / raw materials: soft tea cloth
Method / Step:
Handling of furniture scratches: If the furniture is accidentally scratched, but does not touch the wood below the paint film, use a soft cloth to dilute a little melted wax solution, apply it to the paint film and cover the wound. After the wax has hardened, apply one more. This can be masked by applying the coating several times.
In addition to the ink traces on wooden furniture: add two portions of white vinegar to a portion of water, wipe the ink traces on the wooden furniture with a sponge dampening solution, then wash and dry.
Clear water marks: Water marks usually take a while to disappear. If it is still visible after one month, use a clean soft cloth coated with a small amount of salad oil or mayonnaise to wipe the water mark in the direction of the wood grain. Or cover the mark with a damp cloth, then carefully press the damp cloth several times with an electric iron, and the mark will fade.
In addition to the oil on the wooden furniture: residual tea is an excellent cleaning agent, spray a small amount of corn flour after wiping to wipe the test, and finally wipe the corn flour. Corn flour absorbs all the dirt adsorbed on the furniture surface, making the paint surface smooth and bright.
White furniture yellowing treatment: white paint on the surface of the furniture, will change color over time, can be wiped with a rag and toothpaste, pay attention not to use too much force, you can also mix the two egg yolks, apply a soft brush to the yellow area, After drying, carefully wipe it off with a soft cloth.
Remove hot marks: Use a dry, ultra-fine furniture to coat the special steel wool pad directly in the direction of the wood grain in the hot mark; you can also use salad oil or mayonnaise on the hot mark, take the soft cloth Gently wipe the wood grain and then wipe it off with a soft, clean cloth. Finally glazing. The cigarette butts or unfinished matches leave scorch marks on the furniture lacquer. If the lacquer is burning, apply a fine-grained hard cloth to the matchstick or toothpick, gently wipe the traces, and then apply a thin layer of wax and scorch marks. It can be faded.
Protect the hardware decoration: just wipe it gently with a dry cloth, do not use detergent containing chemicals.
Remove the stuck paper: completely soak the paper with salad oil, and then gently rub it in the direction of the wood grain with a special steel wool for furniture. After drying, varnish.
Desalination of burn marks: cigarette butts or unfinished matches leave scorch marks on the furniture paint surface. If the paint surface is burning, apply a fine-grained hard cloth on the matchstick or toothpick, gently wipe the traces, and then apply a thin layer. Wax, the scorch marks can be diluted.
Scratch: If the furniture is scratched and the wood is not touched, it can be applied to the wound surface of the furniture with the same color of crayons or pigments as the furniture, to cover the exposed ground color, and then thinly coated with transparent nail polish. Just fine.
How to repair cracks in solid wood furniture
Use a small knife tip to follow the sides of the crack and pry into a number of smaller cracks. The smaller the better, the smaller the original crack will become smaller. Finally, the large crack and the small crack are basically the same, almost not so obvious. . That is to say, the wood molecules around the large cracks are re-uniformly arranged to become softer and more natural. Isn't this the function of the loose soil? This will form a few tiny small cracks, which will be adjusted in color. The sawdust is filled into all the small cracks, and sanded gently with a sandpaper to make it fill more evenly. This repair is more beautiful and natural than the method of repairing the sawdust powder directly in the large crack.
Then use 502 glue to fill in, use a blade to level, properly repair the bottom color, draw wood grain, and then point into 502 glue, leveling, sanding with sandpaper, and smoothing.
Use Mohawk's clear topcoat (silk, matte, semi-matte, bright, etc., as needed) and spray the white mark Mohawk topcoat. If only the topcoat is used, there may be traces of white mist like the border of the map. Then we use Mohawk's de-whitening finish and spray it again to solve the problem! Polish it with polished wire and repair it. The crack is almost perfect, and it can't be seen that it was repaired.

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