In the overall environment of flattening this year, the merchants complained. Many merchants have revealed that the frequent opening of stores in the market has made manufacturers and dealers feel "very stressed"; and the prelude to the big waves between the stores has added instability to the entire industry. Jin Fuli Furniture

In the plain, there is bound to be a hidden turn. Some insiders have said that many pan-home models that are brewing in home stores are a big direction in the future.
At present, the more popular scenario sales model in the furniture market provides consumers with a more comfortable shopping environment. The scene layout also allows consumers to have a more understanding of the product mix and design. At this time, consumers go to the store in addition to buying furniture, but also feel the modern shopping atmosphere and the current design trend.
The next step is the era of pan-home consumption. Through the integration of different formats, to provide consumers with one-stop shopping, home is no longer the only consumer target. Instead, it is possible to achieve home consumption in leisure and entertainment.
The changes in the home furnishing industry over the years have been obvious to all, and the future competition will see how the store can provide consumers with a convenient and user-friendly shopping experience.
The scenes of frequent store opening in the store are as prosperous as possible, and it is somewhat intriguing in the background of the market. A well-known building materials business that did not want to be named said that the stores frequently opened stores, and the brand merchants caught in them were very upset. Not opening the store and fearing that the rent will rise after the store, but it is even more afraid to "fall into the water" along with the store. Blindly following the opening of the store, the fierce competition in the store will inevitably lead to a decline in the profit of the single store.
If the store only takes the “big road” route and does not update and upgrade the model to form a bright competitive position, it will be involved in the vicious competition of the supermarket model: its coverage is limited to the region, it is difficult to pull the flow of people, and the price war It has also become the biggest weapon for businesses. It can be seen that the differentiated mode competition will become a major force in the future home store PK.

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