[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Women's wardrobe design is never too big, because no matter how much clothes, do not understand storage, always feel that the clothes can not be plugged, and women's wardrobe is colorful, in addition to clothes, there are scarves, hats, small ornaments Even the beautiful shoes, not to mention the fact that some wardrobes have the function of decorating the room. Therefore, learning some small coups will bring a lot of surprises to your life.

Wardrobe storage coup 1: folding storage method

Stacking clothes is the easiest way to store clothes. Some people say that folding clothes is very boring. In fact, the experience of Xiaobian is quite good. Take a afternoon time, open the cabinet, pull out all the clothes, first classify the clothes, then put the soft ones. The clothes are rolled up in a cylinder, which saves space and is very interesting. The most important thing is to prevent creases in the clothes, which is very convenient and quick. The folded clothes are neatly discharged and look fresh and tidy. If you arrange the position according to the color, it is definitely the favorite of patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder. This method is very suitable for clothes that are not wrinkled or wrinkled, such as T-shirts or sweaters. Yo.

Bedroom wardrobe storage design

Bedroom space storage small coup 4 cloakroom design package take away (appreciate more wardrobe pictures )

From this cloakroom, we can see the noble and elegant living atmosphere. The atmosphere of the cloakroom is only available to families with large enough size. The neat clothes and shoes are placed to make it easier to take clothes. The couple each occupied one side of the cloakroom, but the hostess’s clothes were still more, and the small space in the middle was also full. Do you like this kind of atmospheric cloakroom design? Like to design one for your own home!

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