With the rapid development of technology, the use of telephones is constantly changing. The cordless telephones on the market are more and more popular by the public because of their unique superiority, but for such cordless telephones.

Buy, do you really understand? Xiaobian is here to talk to you about the small knowledge of cordless telephones.

1. Pay attention to the network access license of the cordless telephone.
When purchasing a cordless telephone, the first thing to look at is whether it is an access network model approved by the Ministry of Information Industry, and whether there is a network access license. The bottom of the cordless telephone that meets the requirements for network access is marked with the permission of the Ministry of Information Industry. The network access labels for counterfeit and shoddy products are mostly handwritten, often ambiguous, or incomplete.

2: Classification of cordless telephones

(1) Cordless telephones can be divided into analog and digital versions.

(2) According to the form of use: analog cordless telephones can be divided into "sub-master machines (that is, one landline machine with one or more hands)

Machine) and single-phone cordless phone two types. According to the number of keyboards, the cordless telephone has a single button and a double button.

Two-machine, double-key and multi-machine. "Sub-master" is the most affordable choice for Chinese consumers. market

The best sales volume is the one belt one model, because its price is not high, the function is more comprehensive, it is very suitable for home use.

The multi-model is mainly used for business.

(3) According to the communication channel, the cordless telephone has a single channel and multiple channels. Single channel cordless phone

The price of the machine is relatively cheap, but it is prone to cross-talk and crosstalk, and once the channel is occupied,

The single-channel cordless phone will not boot. Multi-channel phone is a micro-processing software technology dialogue machine

Intelligent control, in the environment of very complicated radio waves, when encountering interference, you can avoid channel selection.

The same channel interference of other phones is avoided to ensure the quality of the call.

When purchasing a cordless telephone, be sure to carefully read the three points that Xiaobian has compiled for you.

Network license, second to understand the classification of cordless machines, three know the difference between the communication channels of cordless machines. Then choose the right cordless phone according to your needs. Be sure to go to a regular mall or website to buy when you buy, be careful to be deceived.


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