At the beginning of March 15th, some people were busy complaining and some people were busy shopping.

From the Spring Festival heating run water filled the house, and now still in the stage of wrestling with the manufacturers, Mr. and Mrs. Tao, have been out of anger. Due to the inefficient handling of the accidents of the manufacturers, the two homes still cannot start the repair procedure after being soaked in the hot water. The problem of not paying compensation and how to compensate directly affects the arrangement of the follow-up life of the two families. Other neighbors who were also being harassed at the same time were waiting anxiously, expecting the heating manufacturers to "hear the problem quickly and deal with it quickly."

Mr. Miao, who is ready to start renovation, is excited and eager to choose. He does not know whether he should be shot in the face of the “low-price promotion” launched by many brands in March. At the same time, he is also watching, in which home city is the most suitable for buying, on the one hand, and affordable, on the one hand, there is protection, so as not to solve problems in the future.

At the same time, there are not a few home brands that express their integrity and determination in order to borrow 3.15. The implementation of clear-cut prices, the introduction of more complete contracts, the revision of decoration quotations, the issuance of green certification, the commitment of environmental protection to the national standard, the signing of the self-discipline convention, etc., indicate that a new round of integrity and quality competition in the home industry has begun.

1.Material:high quality 3 plys breathable face masks are made of good quality facial mask non-woven fabric,which has no pungent odor.The raw materials which are selected carefully and imported from USA will be dealt with special process.The imported original non-woolen with 450 ° c high temperature sterilization is not easy to break and tear up.All the non-woolen we used to manufacture the Face Mask is not only super durable and reinforcement but also ECO friendly ,biodegradable,compostable environmental-friendly,natural friendly and PLA recyclable Owing to this good quality materials.We have very high standards on controlling raw materials.Otherwise,we supply a couple of colours of non-woolen fabre,like white,blue,pimk,black,brown,yellow,and so on.We also accept customized colour. Outer layer is effective dust waterproof; Middle layer stop particles; Inner skin-friendly layer absorb the moisture from the breath, which makes it breathable and comfortable to wear. 3 ply face mask can well protect your breathing. 2.Size:Multi customized sizes are available,we accept personalized sizes.Different sizes including small,medium and large measurement which are suitable for different humen face being,like kids,adults.

3.Printing:We have the best advanced technology fully automatic printing machines which can support up to 8 colours printing.We accept customer designs and logos.Gravure printing,embossing printing,debossing printing,hot stamping,screen printing,UV printing,offset printing,flexo printing with CMYK pantone non-toxic water based ink are all available. Our printing has a pretty good quality as the printing of the designs is not only more durable,sun proof,weather proof but also beautiful and bright,which absorbs ink well and is stable not easy to tide the color.We aslo supply plain masks, which are perfect for craft and DIY. Printed and embellished as you may wish. Personalize the bags to make them uniquely yours. Print your own favorist logo and use them advertisement.

4.Appication:Disposable masks for protection are using for personal protection, with the metal adjustable nose clip bridge, Soft and elastic earloop provide a light weight wearing experience for you. Easy to use, cover mouth, nose and chin.Adult face masks are suitable for office, home, salon, cycling, grocery store and simply general public. It`s a good mask to wear it when you travel through malls, party and busy city streets. keep you from dust, PM 2.5, haze, smoke, automobile exhaust, etc.Kid face mask is suitable and convenient for kids to go to the kindgarton and school everyday.It`s enough to meet your family ,staff ,friends' demands.

5.Quatity inspection systerm : One of the reasons for our good Quality is that inspection system is best of its kind. We're proud of our quality control system. Our standards are very high. we put great stress on quality of products.Almost every process is computerized.. All products have to pass strict inspection before they go out. I believe the quality is soul of an enterprise. So we won't sacrifice the quality for quick profit.All of our products are suitable for the world market. Our products has always come up to international standards. We have trained analysts to do quality analysis of each process when we make the product.We also provide quality analysis training as part of training for new workers plus a week of futher training every year. So our products are well known for their fine quality. All the paper bag are received a warm welcome in the world market wherever they go.Our clients are all satisfied with them.

6.Sample:We offer free samples between three and five days, but excluding complicate condition upon customer`s requirnments.For instance, we charge you like 50 dollars for samples,but we will refund you after placing an order.The expenses of samples delivery can be nagotiated.

7.Our factory: Jinan Xin Shun Yuan Packing Co., Ltd is located in Ningjiabu Industrial Park,Zhangqiu district, Jinan city, Shandong province, China.It originated in Shandong Printing Factory (founded in 1994).It is professional manufacture of new environmental-friendly packing bag based printing processing enterprise with more than 12 years of experience in production and management.Recent years, our scale is expanding. Covering an area of about 2 million square meters. And also expand our equipment, like unit type flexo printing machines, satellite adagio printing machines, lamination type flexo printing machines, gravureprinting , dry laminating machines, automatic Square Bottom Paper Bag machines, food paper bag machines, automatic control stick bag machines, trilateral, edges the closure, self-reliance paper bag machines, CNC cutting machines.We have 8 sets flexo printing machines, 1 set Gravure printing machine;12 sets Paper bag machines ; 5 sets cutting machines, tin tie machines;30 sets heat sealing machines ; 3 sets glue coating machines , etc. We have150 staff menbers,18 management staff ,12 salesmen and 120 workers. We have ISO9001, FSC certificates.

8.Packing & Shipment:Standard export packing, 250PCS or 500PCS each carton. We try our best to make sure the packing is seaworth and strong enough to stand the rough handling in a long distance shipment .In order to ensure the packing is moisture resistance,water proof,weather proof etc.The packing corrugated cartons therefore are lined with plastic bag from inside and strengthened double solid plastic straps.We have rich experience on packing.We normally do not only provide air transportment and sea transportment but also multi modal combined transportments,which is up to customer`s requirements.

9.Payment methord: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram Paypal payments.

10.Our service:we are in 24/7 service,we are responsibilable for replacing the defect products.Feel free to talk to us.

Protective Face Mask

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