With the success of Ma Yun’s decision-making and the growing e-commerce empire, e-commerce has begun to cover all aspects of our daily lives, as well as the office stationery industry. At present, almost all office stationery products are sold on Taobao and Tmall, and the scale is growing, including many stationery industry giants.

Staples and other foreign giants enter China, Guangdong SMEs can switch to foreign trade battlefield through online trading platform. This is B2B (business-to-business) company Alibaba's breakthrough strategy, and another B2C (business-to-person) model as e-commerce The online sales of domestic office portals have also formed a certain scale. In addition, the market services around OA (office automation) are becoming more and more mature, and e-commerce websites are also taking the service provider as the core role to drive the sales of office supplies.

According to the figures provided by Alibaba, a domestic B2B website, there are currently tens of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprise members who run office stationery in Guangdong to sell online on their websites. Alibaba executives said in an interview that international giants such as staples Ambitiously impacting the Chinese market, the office supplies industry may be integrated with reshuffle, and SMEs will be under greater competitive pressure. They can still use the online trading platform to exploit their price advantage to open up overseas markets, especially in Guangdong. May be more suitable for B2B mode.

Guangdong stationery company test water B2B, the emergence of large-scale investment in office supplies chain companies, has no effect on our sales, because 80% of the company's products are through foreign trade channels. In response to the possible integration of the office supplies industry in Guangdong, Cao Jiancai, general manager of Xinhui Stationery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. made such an answer.

He also revealed that in addition to the traditional sales channels such as exhibitions, the proportion of products sold by the company through the B2B (business-to-business) model has reached 60%. It seems that after the flagship enterprises enter the market, through e-commerce Form, office supplies SMEs still seem to have room for survival.

It is understood that in the traditional form, overseas buyers are looking for trading objects, often through foreign trade companies, because Chinese companies do not have a credit rating system, and overseas buyers lack understanding of the company, so they prefer to trade through foreign trade companies, Peng Lei, vice president of Alibaba. If it is said, for these small and medium-sized enterprises in the stationery industry, a large part of the profit in the middle is taken away by foreign trade companies. If the B2B trading platform is adopted, the company can increase the cost directly to overseas buyers. To improve its market competitiveness, it can also maintain its sensitivity to the market, which is conducive to the flexible transformation of these SMEs.

The development of e-commerce is now more and more traditional office stationery companies are beginning to worry, the traditional sales model they once proud of seems to be slowly being swallowed up by e-commerce, the transformation kicked off, how to The good handling of the traditional sales model and the e-commerce model is an important issue facing many traditional enterprises, including office furniture enterprises.

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