Epson's printer products always give us a lot of surprises, not only in terms of superior product performance and reasonable price. In terms of printer printing costs, Epson also has its own star products, which is the low cost of printing. The king of the price - Epson L301 inkjet printer.

In 2011, Epson first introduced the L series large ink cartridge printer. It is also the first continuous ink supply system technology that has been used only for compatible consumables. The rationalization and legalization application is applied to the original genuine consumables. On September 12, 2012, Epson once again launched a number of large ink cartridge L-series inkjet printing products for homes and businesses. This is a kind of prominence, attempt and innovation. From a neutral point of view, Epson's move is a great thing for consumers. Consumers have always liked to transform Epson printers into continuous ink supply systems, but the use of compatible brands will make the printer lose its original maintenance guarantee. After the introduction of the L series printer, not only users no longer need to modify the original ink supply system of the printer, but also have the original authentic continuous ink supply system, which not only reduces the printing cost, but also obtains the genuine guarantee.

From the perspective of industry, the introduction of the L series may allow the entire inkjet printer manufacturer to reshuffle. The main reason is that the printing cost of the L series inkjet printer has dropped to the level of civilians. The printing amount of 60 yuan and 4000 pages brings the cost of one-page and five-page printing to the user, and this cost is realized by using the original genuine ink. It can be imagined that the original genuine printing cost is several to one yuan. In any case, it has undoubtedly caused great pressure on other brands of inkjet printer products.

Pressure is also the driving force, users need cheaper and more realistic inkjet printer products, Epson L series large ink cartridge printer just meets the user's low cost of use, and provides a reliable repair guarantee, so 2012 Epson This series of new products will inevitably lead to another round of shuffling of inkjet printing products. The result of this round of changes is still unknown. Whether Epson's large ink cartridge printer will win the praise of users, we wait for the market and user inspection.

The design of the Epson Large Ink Printer L301 is closer to the ME series, which is similar to the addition of a large ink tank on the right side of a black ME33. Overall, the appearance of this machine is small and light, and the user-friendly place puts a large reminder operation map on the cover of the machine, so that the user who uses the printer for the first time will not feel helpless because it will not operate.

Friends who are suitable for a large number of printing tasks can pay attention to the Epson L301 printer. This machine is too advantageous for your needs. At the same time, the reasonable starting price is also a place that can attract you. The page printing cost is only 1 minute 5! The sooner you use it, the more you save.



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