On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2011, Xiadian Jiamei Sports Goods Co., Ltd., a well-known sporting goods manufacturer in Hebei Province, successfully completed the construction project of “National Tourism Island Population and Cultural Park in Hainan Province”. New beautiful scenery.

Xiadian Jiamei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to this project, and the latest development of landscape series fitness equipment that meets the new national standard is first introduced to the high-end market on a large scale. After the completion of the project, Hainan ’s major media have given full coverage, and Hainan ’s citizens have flocked to the park to see for a while. According to some media, in addition to the exercise and fitness function of the installed equipment, the elegant shape and black and white colors of the equipment form a new scene in Hainan.

During the Spring Festival, many tour groups have listed "touring cultural parks and enjoying the new scenery of Hainan" as their new tourist destinations. After the visit, a big tree thumbed up and praised the tourists: "In addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery, Hainan Tour also dissolves sports and fitness factors into it, and it has a special flavor."

A leader in Sanya, Hainan, expressed appreciation for the high level of manufacturing industry in Hebei Province represented by Xiadian Jiamei Sports Goods Co., Ltd.

Microwave popcorn paper bags produced from natural brown greaseproof kraft paper


                                              Design:  Customized Design

                                              Size:       295mm×140mm×100mm


                                               Paper:   Food-grade Greasproof Brown Kraft Paper

                                               Compound Adhesive: Water-based White Adhesive PVA 

                                               Heat Seal Adhesive: PVA Water Soluble (Green)

                                               Side Seam Adhesive: Water Soluble Emulsion(White) 

                                               Ink: MWW (M/W Water Base Carbon Free) 

                                               Individual weight: 11.2g

                                               Oil resistant: â‰¥  kit11

Brown microwave popcorn bags

Brown Kraft Paper Bag

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