If the technique is used properly, you can also change the face with a bumpy face!
Perfect makeup, let your facial features

1. Take an appropriate amount of liquid concealer on the eye bags and dark circles. Gently push the middle finger to gently cover the black circles.

2, the sponge is taken with a proper amount of liquid foundation, and the base is pushed from the inside to the outside from the large cheeks.

3. The forehead is smudged toward the hair.

4, chin, mouth corner, you can fold the sponge into a small area.

5, nose corners, fine areas of the corners of the eyes, use your fingers to push the sponge out of a corner to apply makeup, or use an angled sponge.

6, after the completion of the entire makeup, with a foundation deeper than the skin color, dark under the humerus, or a layer of the same color under the tibia, resulting in a thick sense.

7. After the puff is taken from the powder, first remove the excess powder on the palm of your hand.

8, the corners of the eyes, eyelids and other fine areas first modified.

9. On the entire cheek, pat the powder on a large area.

10. Use a powder brush to remove excess powder.

11. Excess powder at the eyebrows, remove with a clean eyebrow brush. >>>Happy New Year's Day has good luck.

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