MEI, a leading provider of digital publishing and workflow solutions, today announced the release of its new collaborative workflow system TruEdit®. TruEdit is a cloud-based tool with platform planning, creation, management and delivery of multi-channel functions, and a plug-in that works through its web client and Adobe InDesign®. In addition, TruEdit has powerful automation and simplified output capabilities to the Adobe® Digital Publishing Suite (DPS), enhancing the process of creating digital publications on tablets and mobile.

TruEdit provides three key components that can be shared and have central control of team management projects and digital assets from start to finish: TruEdit InDesign plug-in, Web client, and management portal. Compatible with all digital environments, including tablet computers. Team members can use the typesetting software name plug-in or Web client to check the secure file management of the tasks they assign to TruEdit. Team members can perform status updates to advance production from one stage to the next. Team members can also add and share team notes, with important information at a glance.

The browser-based TruEdit management portal allows team administrators to manage the entire operation, configure workflow structures and manage project files from the perspective of users and permissions. These specifications and workflows can be customized or an administrator can choose a pre-built configuration template when managing the portal.

TruEdit is closely integrated with Adobe DPS TruEdit to provide automated and convenient services. TruEdit also allows team members to add custom metadata, assign production responsibilities, and improve work efficiency.

"As the company produces more content, internal and external resources are working together for multiple brands to create content and channels and reduce costs," said Mark Leister, senior vice president of business development at MEI. "TruEdit merges these elements into a centralized, structured work environment, allowing teams to efficiently create, manage, and deliver projects."

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