Benzoin [Pinyin name] ān Xī Xiānɡ [English name] BENZOINUM [Alias] White flower nut [Source] This product is a dry resin of the benzoin plant white flower tree Styrax tonkinensis (Pierre) Craib ex Hart. The trunk is naturally damaged or split in the summer and autumn seasons to collect the resin that flows out and dry in the shade. [Properties] This product is an irregular small piece, slightly flat, often bonded into a mass. The surface is orange-yellow, with a waxy luster (natural fat); or irregular cylindrical, flat block, grayish white to pale yellowish white (artificial fat cutting). It is brittle, fragile, flat in cross-section, white, and gradually changes from yellowish brown to reddish brown after being placed. Heating softens and melts. The aroma is fragrant, the taste is slightly spicy, and the grain is chewy. [Identification] (1) Take about 0.25g of this product, put it in a dry test tube, and slowly heat it, that is, a pungent aroma will occur, and most of the prismatic crystal sublimation will be produced. (2) Take about 0.1g of this product, add 5ml of ethanol to grind, filter, and add 0.5ml of 5% ferric chloride ethanol solution to the filtrate, which will be bright green, and then become yellow-green. [Determination of content] Take about 1.5g of the powder of this product, accurately weigh it, put it in an Erlenmeyer flask, add 25ml of potassium hydroxide titrant (0.5mol / L) made from ethanol, heat and reflux for 1.5 hours, remove ethanol and residue on the water bath Heat 50ml of water to make it evenly split, let cool, add 150ml of water and 50ml of magnesium sulfate solution (1 → 20), stir well, let stand for 10 minutes, filter by suction, wash the filter residue with 20ml of water, combine the washing solution and filtrate, After adding hydrochloric acid to make it acidic, transfer to a separatory funnel, and shake and extract 4 times with ether (50ml, 40ml, 30ml, 30ml). Shake and extract 5 times (20ml, 20ml, 10ml, 10ml, 10ml). The aqueous solution separated each time is washed with the same ether 20ml. Combine the aqueous solution and add hydrochloric acid to make it acidic. 4 times (30ml, 20ml, 10ml, 10ml), combine ether solution, place in a weighed flask and set aside, wait for most of the ether to evaporate. Dry to constant weight in the instrument, weigh accurately, calculate the content of the test sample Percent, then in accordance with the test water and ethanol in the insoluble content, calculated as a percentage change dried product of the alcohol-soluble extract contained, fragrance is the total fatty acid content. This product contains total balsamic acid calculated as a dry product of alcohol-soluble extract, not less than 30.0%. [Sexual flavor] bitter, bitter, flat. 【Return to the classics】 Return to the heart and spleen. 【Functions】 Theft, clear the mind, qi and blood circulation, relieve pain. It is used for stroke phlegm, qi depression, coma, coma, abdominal pain, postpartum blood halo, pediatric convulsion. 【Usage and Dosage】 0.6 ~ 1.5g, more for pills. [Storage] Store in a cool and dry place.

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