Use of other biochemical reagents: The human SMA ELISA kit is used for in vitro quantitative detection of SMA in serum, plasma, tissues, cell supernatants in buffers, and various body fluids. This kit can detect natural and recombinant SMA. This kit is designed for scientific research, not for clinical diagnosis. Test principle of other biochemical reagents: The human SMA kit is a solid-phase sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Standards with known SMA concentrations and samples with unknown concentrations are added to microwell enzyme plates for detection. Incubate the SMA and biotin-labeled antibody first. After washing, HRP labeled with avidin was added. After incubation and washing, the unbound enzyme conjugate is removed, and then substrates A and B are added to act simultaneously with the enzyme conjugate. Produce colors. The color depth is proportional to the concentration of SMA in the sample. Contents of other biochemical reagents and preparation kit components (stored at 2-8 ° C) 96-well configuration 48-well configuration 96/48 servings of enzyme labeling plate 1 plate (96T) half plate (48T) ready-to-use plastic membrane plate Cover 1 piece and half piece of ready-to-use standard product: 8.0IU / ml 1 bottle (0.6ml) 1 bottle (0.3ml) Carry out dilute blank control according to the instructions 1 bottle (1.0ml) 1 bottle (0.5ml) ready-to-use standard 1 bottle (5ml) 1 bottle (2.5ml) of ready-to-use biotin-labeled anti-SMA antibody 1 bottle (6ml) 1 bottle (3.0ml) ready-to-use avidin-HRP 1 bottle (10ml ) 1 bottle (5.0ml) ready-to-use wash buffer 1 bottle (60ml) 1 bottle (30ml) Dilute according to the instructions Substrate A 1 bottle (6.0ml) 1 bottle (3.0ml) ready-to-use substrate B 1 bottle (6.0ml) 1 bottle (3.0ml) ready-to-use stop solution 1 bottle (6.0ml) 1 bottle (3.0ml) ready-to-use self-made material distilled water. Sampler: 5ul, 10ul, 50ul, 100ul, 200, 500u, 1000lul. Oscillator and magnetic stirrer etc. Safety The HbsAg and anti-HIV in the human blood products of this kit are negative, but there is no laboratory to fully guarantee that this blood product will not infect hepatitis, AIDS or other infectious diseases. Components and serum and plasma samples. Avoid direct contact with the stop solution and substrates A and B. Once exposed to these liquids, rinse with water as soon as possible. Do not eat, drink, smoke or use cosmetics during the experiment. Do not use your mouth to absorb any ingredients in the kit.

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