[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Say "people rely on the face", "tree lean", then a wardrobe is not good to look at, and the style of the bedroom does not match, basically determined by the style and color of the cabinet door, so whether it is the cabinet The choice of the material and style of the door is especially important. The following small series will recommend 6 black and white color wardrobe sliding doors for you. The simple style and style are the best items for the simple wind room.

Recommended product 1: Lavender wardrobe sliding door

Overall wardrobe

Edit Comment: This sliding door is made of high-density plastic board with super black glass paint belt. The overall visual sense is tough and fashionable. The pulley adopts imported high-end material, which has large bearing capacity, high strength, strong wear resistance and long service life. The bearing adopts new materials, and the sliding feel is smooth, the gap is small but there is no noise, and it is suitable for households with quality sense.

Recommended product two: boutique prismatic leather art sliding door

Sliding door wardrobe

Edit Comment: The overall black sliding door with white pattern belt, using leather and environmental protection sheet for processing raw materials, good environmental protection, visual beauty, high grade, with simple style or low luxury European style is very suitable. The sliding door pulley is made of stainless steel and has a nylon bearing with independent bearing. The movement is smooth and the noise is small. After repeated push and pull of 300,000 times, the experiment is intact, which ensures the excellent performance of the sliding door.

Recommended product three: Golden Water Cube Leather Art - US Nano Gate

Wardrobe door

Editor's comment: The unique nano-gate of the Da Vinci password brand is made of Korean imported cyclone and Xinhe aluminum space titanium-magnesium alloy. The surface texture is natural and the visual sense is simple and fresh. The imported cyclone plate has strong plasticity, and the pattern effect on the board surface is as beautiful and beautiful as the paint glass, and it is easy to care, fully meeting the needs of the wooden sliding door shape.

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