In this era of rapid development, friends who are busy with daily work can no longer deduct the time of physical exercise. They use the "one acre and three inches of land" in the living room to carry out simple aerobics activities. The effect is also good! The following fitness 114 small I will introduce you to several aerobics that you can do at home.


Aerobics on the bed: Turn your head and bend your ankle.

People sometimes feel dizzy, this is a night's sleep, the head and neck muscles become stiff, the blood circulation in the head is not smooth, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the head.

If you lie in the head of the bed and turn 8-10 times to the left and right, you can also reduce dizziness.

At the same time, bend the ankle joint 10-20 times to make the lower limbs move.

Bed aerobics 2: stretched.

When you sleep, your body takes more and more postures. When you wake up, you can do two hands on the bed, stretch to the top of your head and turn your palms. The toes are straight and stretch.

At the same time, with the action of deep breathing, repeated practice 4-6 times, help to eliminate fatigue and speed up the awakening.

Bed aerobics three: supine side flexion.

Lying on the bed, lifting it on one hand, with the upper body flexing, the lower limbs are stretched straight, and the left and right sides are bent 6-8 times each.

Bed aerobics 4: supine lower limb flexion and extension.

After doing the above actions, the drowsiness may have been reduced, and then the lower limb flexion and extension exercises can be performed.

The practice is to bend the foot on the bed and then straighten the knees so that the knees touch the bed. The legs are rotated 10-15 times each.

Bed aerobics five: lying on the bed, legs and knees.

Then, the calf is lifted up and the leg is 90 degrees to the body. Then the abdominal muscles are forced, the legs fall to a 45 degree angle, the ankles must be bent at right angles, and the Achilles tendon must be straight.

Keep this position for a while, then revert to a two-legged posture and then slowly do this. Repeat 15-20 times.

Helps relieve constipation and strengthen the abdominal muscles.

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