In the initial stage, China's e-commerce has spawned many diversified e-commerce websites, such as B2C's excellent Dangdang, C2C's Taobao and B2B's Alibaba. These sites are like large department stores in a comprehensive category, providing a unified service for all products at an early stage. With the maturity of the e-commerce industry, vertical services have begun to receive attention. For example, Vanke Eslite, the main clothing, professional shoes and shoes, and Jingdong, which started from 3C, provide a personalized experience.

China's cabinet industry has been developing for more than 20 years, but it has just started on the road of e-commerce. Among the "top ten brands of the whole cabinet (the overall cabinet decoration effect map)", many cabinet brands have set up special sales websites, and more rely on large-scale professional e-commerce platforms. But whether it is vertical e-commerce or integrated e-commerce, the two platforms need to be aimed at consumers, and they will last forever.

The top ten brands of the whole cabinet: the battle of e-commerce

Top ten brands of the whole cabinet: e-commerce also needs personalized service

As we all know, not long ago, the price war between cosmetics e-commerce Jumeiyou and Le Bee Network triggered a big discussion outside the industry. Almost everyone focused on the issues of the two major brands, black public relations and product quality. But in the final analysis, it is actually because the business products are highly homogenized, which has led to fierce competition for the user market and industry profits.

However, under the cover of the popularization of the e-commerce industry in China, there is no surprise. In addition to many of the “top ten brands of the whole cabinet”, the Taobao Tmall, which relies on the electric business giants, began to push “small and beautiful” at the end of 2012, keeping an eye on the individual needs of users and spawning a group of small Taobao. shop. Coincidentally, the increasingly personalized and diversified needs of users have also brought out a large number of emerging forces in the e-commerce industry. The rise of home furnishing websites such as China Cabinet Network is also the beginning of e-commerce personalized service in the cabinet industry. Consumers on these platforms not only have strong spending power, high viscosity, but also far more profit margins than the e-commerce industry average.

Top ten brands of the whole cabinet: pricing confusion

If the pricing of e-commerce is lower than the price of the original channel provider, it will inevitably affect the interests of the channel providers, thus causing conflicts with the channel providers. If the price of e-commerce is the same as the price of the traditional channel, compared with the e-commerce website of the same type, the price is much higher, which will inevitably affect the interests of the e-commerce website.

More and more shopping websites will provide different prices for the same product based on the user's geographical location information. This kind of “tailor pricing” method is the embodiment of the e-commerce pricing justice concept.

Top ten brands ranking: physical store support

However, according to the current situation, there is still a serious problem in the e-commerce of the cabinet industry. Most of the cabinet enterprises choose the direct operation or dealer agency system, while e-commerce will cause regional dealers. Certain influence.

Only the combination of online and offline, physical stores and e-commerce together to make the development of the company more smooth. The physical store is responsible for the big home experience, delivery, inspection, and also responsible for the after-sales service of all products in the region, which solves the "bottleneck" that many floor net stores can't guarantee after-sales service. In addition, the online store under the floor from All aspects provide consumers with psychological trading protection, which is to make up for many shortcomings of online marketing. The two channels complement each Other in this way, extending the reach of marketing to every corner of the consumer.


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