What should I pay attention to when purchasing soft furniture? Articles: Soft furniture is a kind of furniture that has just recently emerged. In fact, soft furniture is softer furniture such as sofas and beds, because soft furniture makes it easier for buyers to Doing your hands and feet, so you need to keep one more eye for buying soft furniture.

With the development of the times, we have become more and more refined about the types of furniture, and there have been many classifications of furniture that were not available before. Recently, a kind of soft furniture has been popular. In fact, the so-called soft furniture is furniture with certain softness such as sofa and bed. The soft furniture is simple and tough compared with solid wood furniture and panel furniture. There are indeed many "soft ribs" in soft furniture, and the shrinkage of the fabric is a problem. In addition to this, there are problems such as the poor quality of the filler such as a sponge, the collapse of the skeleton, and the fact that the skeleton material has a false influence on the firmness. What do we need to pay attention to when purchasing soft furniture for these problems?

First, the most important thing is after-sales service

Compared with solid wood furniture and panel furniture, soft furniture is more likely to have problems later, which is also the reason for the current disputes. Therefore, when purchasing soft furniture, pay attention to the after-sales situation promised by the merchant, such as shrinking water? Will it be returned free of charge? Can you clean it for free? How many years is the warranty?

In order to avoid disputes, we must pay attention to after-sales service when purchasing soft furniture. Beware of shrinking fabrics and cleaning rules. Deformable sofas exhibit a variety of functions, and their complexity can also be the source of problems.

Second, to ensure comfort

Compared with solid wood or panel furniture, soft furniture gives a warm and comfortable feeling from the intuitive experience, so most consumers who purchase soft furniture pay more attention to home comfort. Then, at this time, it is necessary to strictly consider the problem of the filler, and to ensure that the quality of the filler is up to standard, in order to obtain a comfortable and durable furniture.

Third, to ensure environmental issues

Most of the environmental hazards of upholstered furniture come from glue, which may be a misunderstanding of many consumers. In fact, the soft package of the soft furniture base requires a large amount of adhesive. The environmental protection of these adhesives directly determines the environmental protection of the whole set of furniture. Consumers should pay attention to this problem when purchasing, and must thoroughly confirm with the sales staff.

Fourth, other matters needing attention

The above should be noted in the purchase of upholstered furniture should pay attention to the problem. The first is to have good after-sales service. Due to the different characteristics of soft furniture, good after-sales service is required to avoid unnecessary disputes. Secondly, it pays attention to product quality problems. Unlike solid wood furniture or panel furniture, soft furniture is prone to shrinkage and other problems, and it is prone to damage. The last thing is to ensure the environmental protection of the products. The non-environmental materials cause problems in the health of the family, which is very unfavorable.

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