The Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University was established on July 27, 2001. The predecessor was the National Central University School of Medicine. It was the first medical school founded by the Chinese in the 5th year of the Republic of China (AD 1927). In 1985, it was renamed Shanghai Medical University. In April 2000, the former Fudan University merged with the former Shanghai Medical University, and later the Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University was formed. Relying on the advantages of comprehensive and research universities, the college follows the principle of combining clinical and basic, strengthens the cross-integration of expansion and related majors, and aims to build a world-class medical discipline. Senior medical talents with strong ability and rich international vision.

Shanghai Medical College is located on the east side of the prosperous Xujiahui in Shanghai. It has strong teachers in the fields of basic medicine and clinical medicine, with profound accomplishments and numerous scientific research achievements. In recent years, Shanghai Medical College has established inter-academic relations with internationally renowned universities such as Harvard Medical School, Columbia University Medical School, Hong Kong University Li Ka-shing Medical School, Chinese University of Hong Kong Medical School, etc. Visit and other activities. In order to promote the communication between Chinese and foreign experts, scholars, teachers and students, and allow more teachers and students to appreciate the style of masters, it is necessary to broadcast the important activities of the lecture hall to the teachers and students of the school.

Live broadcast system requirements

The live application system of the lecture hall of Shanghai Medical College can be roughly divided into four parts: video and audio collection, video and audio coding, data transmission and distribution, and end user reception and viewing. The requirements for each part are as follows:

1. Video and audio collection should be able to ensure good image and sound effects after live broadcast.

2. The video and audio encoding processing needs to meet the requirements of high-definition video playback and low network bandwidth occupation. While the product is simple and easy to use, it also needs to ensure stable and reliable encoding to avoid the phenomenon of encoding equipment crashes and unstable output code streams. .

3. There are many campus network subnets, and the network environment is complex. First, it must be able to ensure that the video and audio encoded data can be transmitted to the remote streaming media server, and at the same time, ensure that the network bandwidth load of the entire network is considered when streaming media is distributed , Reliability of data received by users, etc.

4. In terms of receiving and watching, the end user should be able to allow the end user to conveniently watch the live broadcast to achieve a live broadcast effect that promotes communication between teachers, students and scholars.

Stable and reliable live broadcast solution

In response to the demand for the live application system in the lecture hall of Shanghai Medical College, Kraton Technology has proposed a live application solution with "NVE HD Network Encoder" as the core.

In order to ensure the quality of the picture, the high-definition digital camera is used as the front-end signal acquisition device in the video acquisition part. In terms of audio collection, wireless microphones, pickups and audio consoles are used to ensure that high-quality live sounds with a real sense of presence can be collected. The signal output from the high-definition camera is processed by the special effects console and then divided into two channels. One channel is recorded to the DVR as a file and saved for production on demand, and the other channel is used for encoding equipment for live broadcasting.

In the video and audio encoding process, the common "pure software" method that completely relies on the computer central processor is not used to complete the compression processing of the video signal and the audio signal, but the Keten Technology NVE series network encoder is used to complete it. Kraton NVE series encoder adopts professional video and audio encoding chip, embedded operating system, supports 1080P video encoding, which can effectively guarantee the reliability and stability of encoding. In addition, NVE also supports multiple output protocols such as RTMP and HTTP. It not only supports streaming media servers such as Adobe Flash Media Server and Wowza Media Server, but also traverses complex network environments such as firewalls to ensure data flow to the server. Reliability.

In terms of streaming media distribution, the HTTP streaming server and the Shanghai Medical College Campus Network are combined to publish live programs to the campus network. End users only need to access the campus network to easily access live programs.

Program features

1. Hardware coding, stable and reliable performance.

The Kraton NVE901 high-definition network encoder used in the scheme is H.264 chip-level encoding, embedded operating system, no need to worry about software failure, supports 7x24 work, reliable and stable performance.

2. Simple and easy to use, quick deployment.

NVE901 is a portable product with a quality of only 900g. It uses the same web control page as the soho switch, which is simple and easy to use. In addition, Kraton also provides self-developed server software such as HTTP streaming media server, which can provide a reliable server solution with high cost performance.

3. Flexible application, supporting multiple servers.

NVE901 supports FLV Over RTMP output, which can be seamlessly connected to streaming media servers such as Adobe Flash Media Server, Wowza, etc., to achieve three-screen (PC, smart phone, Pad) integrated live broadcast; also supports HTTP output, combined with streaming media server and campus Network TV station to realize multi-point viewing, multicast and other applications on campus.

Project summary

The live application system of the lecture hall of Shanghai Medical College breaks through the traditional "soft coding" live broadcast mobility restrictions, can be quickly deployed on campus, and can be integrated into campus network TV stations and other systems, which can be widely used in open courses on campus Applications such as ceremonies, orientation parties, distance education, public welfare lectures, and live events live broadcast were well received by the teachers and students of Shanghai Medical College.

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