How to solve the problem of electrified 60g offset paper? Netizens discussed warmly as follows:

I printed beautiful products: increase the air humidity in the workshop.
Another one that someone told me, I haven't tried it: install the paper of the machine, wipe the incision with a damp cloth (note that it is not wet). Of course, only 3 sides can be wiped. Don't wipe too much, wipe while printing.

medontknow: Put the paper first, pull some water on the ground, and print it the next day.

lqzb: I tried it upstairs. The effect is not good. Sprinkle a little water on the floor and do n’t put too much paper. Put a piece of cardboard on the paper and spread it out for a little bit. Do n’t shake it for too long and shake it out.

Who do you think you are: the paper is electrified, the wind around the paper is increased when the paper is transported, and the pile of paper is lower.

Uncle Lao: I think hanging paper is the best way to remove static electricity.

1. Sprinkle water on the ground to improve the humidity of the air --- Humidity adjustment 2. Install a static elimination device 3. If it is urgently used, increase the water consumption of the printing plate, and spray it on the fly place with a humidifier

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