With books and paintings on the paper, it has undertaken the mission of cultural dissemination. It is rare to find paper that has been hidden today in the form of pure play.

Most are products after the Qing Dynasty. The papers of the Qing Dynasty were luxurious and splendid, rather than being used to sway pens and inks, but rather to be used as a symbol of authority to satisfy the emperor, the noble purpose and the extravagant things as the rich wealth of the official, rather than the real literati's desire to splurge. Li Tang, the Southern Tang Dynasty, once made Chengxintang paper. When this kind of colored paper was passed to Qianlong, Hongli was very fond of it, and ordered to copy "Qianlong imitation Chengxintang paper".

Due to the luxury of Qianlong's nature, the Qing dynasty's luxury paper wax paper, gold-plated paper, color paper, pattern paper, pattern paper, gold foil paper, etc. appeared endlessly, and even paper papers with patterns over 3 meters with patterns, waxed and gold painted The paintings include landscapes, terraces, cloud dragons, phoenixes, birds and beasts, flowers, etc., with colorful backgrounds and extremely gorgeous, but unfortunately this pattern paper has become a rare thing. Shuhuai, a poem, is another kind of precious paper in the Qing Dynasty.

This kind of paper is used to write poems or letters, and is printed on woodblocks using watermarking techniques. Usually it was a drawing by a famous painter of the Qing Dynasty and then printed in color. In addition, there are bronze wares of Shang and Zhou dynasties drawn on poems, or inscriptions and ancient steles are depicted by the double hook method. The above-mentioned Tao Jian is now difficult to find. Only a few Qing Dynasty or Republic of China papers remain, but their price is very expensive.

Since the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China, various localities have used local resources to devote themselves to the production of writing paper. Such as Jingwen County Bird Wen Xuan Paper, Luhuang Xuan, Xiaoling Tiger Skin Xuan, Sichuan Jiajiang Xuan, Hebei Qian'an Calligraphy and Painting Xuan, Hunan Liuyang Gongxuan, Guangdong Renhua Yangtze River Xuan, Hubei Qianshan Xuanhan, Jiangxi Qianshan Company Shi Xuan, Shaanxi Zhenba Qin Baoxuan, etc. Among them, "Lu Huang Xuan" as the king of rice paper is even rarer in the world, and people call it "national treasure".

The rice paper is a kind of extra-large clean leather rice paper, which has the advantages of whiteness such as jade, beautiful color, clear texture, fine vine, strong tensile strength, anti-aging, not easy to break, suitable for preservation, anti-corrosion, moderate ink absorption, clear ink rhythm, etc., deep Praised by painters and painters at home and abroad.

Screening of old papers must first determine the age, which is roughly divided into four periods: early Qing, mid-Qing, late Qing, and early Republic. There are fewer good papers from tomorrow to the Kangxi period of Qing Dynasty. The papers in Jiaqing period are mostly imitation products , So the paper notes of the Qianlong period are the most precious.

Second, it is best not to believe the era printed on the paper, because the late Qing and early Republic of China imitated a large number of Qianlong period special emperors special notes, I found dozens in the antique market, almost all are fakes.

The third is to be familiar with the production characteristics, forms and decorative patterns of various paper notes. Fourth, it depends on whether the surface of the clear paper is smooth and even, whether there are any stains or the color is old. Usually the ancient paper is thick, broken into small pieces, and the cross section is mostly twill.

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