With the exploitation of uranium mines, nuclear weapon tests and the extensive use of nuclear energy by humans, uranium is continuously enriched and polluted in the environment. Improper accumulation or disposal of these wastes will cause uranium to spread to the surface of the soil through loss, enter the air through wind erosion, or enter the groundwater through leaching; a large amount of radioactive waste water produced by uranium mines is continuously discharged, which also directly pollutes natural water soil. Therefore, the treatment and remediation of uranium-contaminated soil has attracted increasing attention.

On April 24, it was learned from the Science and Technology Division of the Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences that the researchers of the institute invented a method for treating soil contaminated with uranium or cesium, which was authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office for invention patents. The method is divided into five steps: soil screening, bacterial solution preparation, reaction medium preparation, solubilization aid preparation and contaminated soil treatment. The iron grid screen, double-plate screen and spiral screen are used to screen the uranium micro-contaminated soil, and the coarse clean soil particles are screened out, and then the contaminated soil and the active bacteria solution of Thiobacillus ferrooxidans in the microbial solubilization reactor The medium mixing treatment, after filtration, precipitates into clean soil, the filtrate is transferred out and mixed with sulfate reducing bacteria active bacterial solution, uranium or cesium is precipitated, after separation, uranium or cesium is recovered, and water is reused.

The method is easy to operate and has low cost, and realizes rapid and efficient removal of uranium or cesium in micro-contaminated soil.

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