The piled plates caused by de-powdering on the surface of the paper appear honeycomb gypsophila, caused by the shedding of countless fillers, glues, pigments, and auxiliary materials, which seriously affects the quality of printed products. It takes one scrubbing plate once to print about 1000 sheets The reason is similar to that of paper piles, which is mainly caused by the de-powdering of the paper caused by the loose fiber structure on the surface of the paper. This phenomenon is mainly due to the poor printing quality of the paper. However, the solution is different. The specific gravity of paper wool and powder is different. The large area of ​​paper wool is light and the powder is extremely fine and heavy.


Increase the fluidity of the ink, add a relatively thinner ink to the ink, increase the viscosity of the ink and the amount of ink delivery, increase the amount of ink stored on the ink roller, and deepen the color of the blotting ink. In addition, you can add a pad under the printing plate The thickness of the paper increases the printing pressure.

Climbing Play Equipment

By playing climbing play equipment, climbing help build gross and motor skills, perceptual motor skills such as body awareness, spatial awareness and directional awareness, and sharpening visual perception skills.

Climbing is one of the seven elements of play needed in a park or playground area.  

Our rope climbing equipment offers multiple design options and endless possibilities for customization. These net rope structures are specially designed for playgrounds that encourage physical play and development. 

Also known as Space nets, this Playground Equipment can be designed in many ways for a variety of purposes, including park our courses, domes, spheres, Loops and more.

Climbing Play Equipment

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