Application of monoclonal antibodies

Because monoclonal antibodies have three characteristics of high specificity, consistency and high productivity, they have a wide range of important application values.

Monoclonal antibodies are important tools for biological and medical research, and are often used in the diagnosis of cancer and other diseases. In 1981, by identifying the type of immune system being destroyed, monoclonal antibodies helped humans confirm AIDS.

In the isolation and purification of virus strains, monoclonal antibodies play an irreplaceable role. Different strains have different epitopes. Even if one epitope is different, monoclonal antibodies can recognize them.

Monoclonal antibodies can accurately locate tumor cells, and can correctly separate different types of tumor cells. Monoclonal antibodies are effective in treating diseases caused by the immune system and rejection after organ transplantation. At present, monoclonal antibodies are widely used in diabetes, kidney disease, thyroid disease, inherited intellectual disability and infertility research.

The combination of monoclonal antibodies and highly effective drugs can create intelligent "bombs" for the treatment of certain diseases. Combined with poisons such as ricin and diphtheria toxin to form immune toxins (Immunotoxins); after radioactive iodine is combined with monoclonal antibodies against liver cancer protein, liver tumor tissues can be directly accurately Radiation therapy.

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